Friday, April 6, 2012

Help make Union of Renegades free for UK Kindle readers

All my novels are distributed into the UK Kindle store, but since Amazon ceased price matching Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I for free, like it is at other ebook retailers, readers in the UK have ceased to notice my work.

It's a bummer for me because during the short time Union of Renegades was free in the UK Kindle store, it caught on with some readers who went on to buy more of my novels. Several months ago I even contacted Amazon UK about reinstating the free price for Union of Renegades, but the response I got was a brush off and the novel remained priced at its 99 cent equivalent. The Kindle publishing system does not allow me price anything for free, so it's not my fault that it is not free in the UK Kindle store.

I wish Amazon UK would start price matching my novel again because it creates a win-win-win situation.

I win because I gain more sales of other novels.

Amazon makes more money off of me.

More readers discover a fantasy fiction series they like, or at least get to sample one for free.

I understand that Amazon does not want to give everything away, but a free Union of Renegades leads to more sales. I've been marketing with this model for years and it works. I also understand that Amazon is trying to get authors to sell exclusively through Kindle with the KDP lending program, but this is not an option for me. First of all Union of Renegades is available through numerous retailers and it would be a lengthy and difficult procedure to remove it from other outlets. Also it would be stupid for me to make my work exclusive to the Kindle platform. I want to be a happy and free nomad who can graze her flocks everywhere. Not a vulnerable sharecropper tied to one estate.

Union of Renegades IS free from other retailers and from my websites.

You can download the .prc format that works on Kindle right here at this blog.

See how to add ebooks to your Kindle that are saved on your computer with this quick video tutorial.

If you're in the UK, these are some altenative places to get Union of Renegades for free:

Apple iBooks UK

If you'd like to see Union of Renegades for free in the Amazon UK store, please alert that system to where you can get this novel for free. Maybe someday the company will go back to price matching.

Look for the link to tell Amazon where Union of Renegades is free in the Product Details section.