Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You are now experiencing Space Opera

Jak Phoenix 2 The Markazian Deception by Matt D. Williams has blasted out of space dock without authorization.
Last year I had the pleasure of reading the humorous and exciting space adventure Jak Phoenix by Canadian author Matt D. Williams. See my glowing review.

Happily Williams chose to create a sequel about the financially-challenged and permanently not-boyfriend-material Jak Phoenix and recently released Jak Phoenix 2 The Markazian Deception.

I bought it the other day at Smashwords and saw that Williams was kind enough to acknowledge me as an author colleague who had been supporting of his fiction. Thanks for the acknowledgement! I get so very little of it most days.

I already had the pleasure of previewing the first two chapters of Jak Phoenix 2 prior to its publication, and I can confidently say that readers will get great entertainment. I encourage others to indulge in the Jak Phoenix novels. They have given me many good laughs and a good space story driven by fun characters lovingly crafted.

Visit JakPhoenix.com to access all places in the galaxy where you can spend your space credits on it.