Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I have some nice Boris Vallejo fantasy art collectibles on ebay this week

I've been an ebay seller for years, mostly selling paperback copies of The Rys Chronicles fantasy series. But now I have some items from an estate auction my husband went to. The estate evidently belonged to a fantasy fan and we acquired some art prints and calendars. We kept two items for our own decor but I'm selling the other items.

This week I listed on ebay:

Three 8 x 10 art prints by the iconic fantasy artist Boris Vallejo titled Water Nymphs, Winged Beast, and Angel.

1998 Boris Vallejo calendar still in its wrapper.

2002 Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell calendar still in its wrapper.

It was actually quite hard for me not to open these calendars. I really wanted to see the art inside, but I restrained myself. I know some collectors like things to be sealed.

All items are up for auction but also have buy it now prices if you don't want to wait through an auction.

Whatever doesn't sell this week will be relisted.