Thursday, June 14, 2012

I need to think of a cover art concept for Love Lost

I'm approaching the completion of the first draft for Love Lost: Rys Rising Book IV. Although I'll be busy over the summer editing and proofreading the novel, I need to decide who should be on the cover of the novel so the art work will be ready in the fall when I want to publish.

I'll admit that I really struggle with cover art for my novels. I'm no art director even when I have to be.

If anyone who has been reading the series has any suggestions, I'll certainly consider them. I'm leaning toward putting Dacian on this final book in the Rys Rising series, but there are other options. My epics have a large cast of characters and I wish I could show everybody. It's so hard to pick an image that conveys something important about the novel, but I'll have to make a decision on the concept by the end of this month.