Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pictures of my garden

My 7-month-old German Shepherd dog Donna (aka the Wild Hog) patrols the garden that it is her duty to guard from raccoons, rabbits, deer, and any and all nonspecific varmints. She's in training this season because she's just a pup. She tears up land and plants but has kept a family of raccoons at bay this summer.
It's fashionable these days to publish pictures of the food you're growing at home. I've been gardening for several years with many successes and many failures. This year has been especially challenging because of the drought, but with a lot of watering, I'm managing to get a crop. In the picture at the top you can see the line where the water reaches and where the drought has baked brown the land. These pictures are from July 19th so things are bigger and bushier today. We even got a 1/2 inch of rain this week that was a small but welcome mercy. 

It may not look like much is going on but this picture shows growing: corn, beans, butternut squash, pumpkins and a peach tree in the background.

Another view showing the cucumber and zucchini area. 
Another view of the corn interplanted with pumpkins and beans in a traditional Three Sisters grouping. Most of the ground cover is clover. I till my soil only in strategic spots to plant seeds, so I mostly let clover, grass, and weeds grow right along with everything. Keeping the turf intact is very important for nurturing fertility and holding moisture in the ground. Plus it's way prettier than bare dirt and I don't do much weeding. 

This patch shows from left to right: Carrots I let go to seed from last year. Lettuce going to seed, but I am still eating the leaves. I just go pick them whenever I need a salad or lettuce for my sandwiches. Growing it amid weeds and seeding carrots I think has helped protect it from the heat and kept it from getting bitter. Then there is a patch of carrots. They're hard to see. They are tucked up against the tall brown rye that grew this spring. A few potato plants are on the other side of the rye. I know this looks like a mess but I've already harvested countless salads out of this patch and will get many carrots and potatoes in the fall. 
Here comes Donna through the corn. 
Due to early hot spring weather followed by freezes fruit crops were destroyed in my area, but I shepherded a few peaches through the nastiness this spring.

I don't have a good picture right now of my many tomatoes and potatoes and peppers growing. Plus I put in 4 apple trees along the fence this spring. 

Feel free to comment and post links to pictures of your garden. It's more important than ever that people start growing as much food as possible due to the low quality food available at the supermarket and the ever rising prices.