Sunday, August 12, 2012

Savage Storm: Rys Rising Book II paperback at Amazon US and Europe

I'm gradually expanding my options for buyers of print books. Savage Storm: Rys Rising Book II is now available at Amazon in the U.S. and its European outlets. It's priced at $15 USD and converted to equivalent amounts at the international sites.

This distribution into the UK and Europe helps make my novels more affordable to overseas buyers. Shipping the books to international locations is expensive but the print on demand distribution allows buyers to purchase the novel closer to where they live.

If you want Savage Storm as a paperback please visit the site for your country:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Amazon Spain

Amazon Italy

The hardcover version of Savage Storm is produced at Lulu.

I'll work over the next month to get New Religion: Rys Rising Book III into the international Amazon channels as a paperback.