Thursday, September 6, 2012

Excited about Nook expanding to the UK market

According to the August 20th press release from Barnes & Noble, the bookseller is expanding its Nook ebook catalog and line of ebook reading devices into the United Kingdom in October.

I've connected with thousands of readers through the U.S. Nook store who've bought my fantasy novels, so I'm naturally excited about this opportunity to be discovered by new readers in the UK.

Although lots of people like to say Barnes & Noble is late to the game and will not prevail against Amazon in the ebook market, I don't really have an opinion. There's certainly nothing wrong with Nook devices and its catalog of digital content. I'm a content provider, so the more retail outlets that offer my novels in more places, the better for me.

Of course readers in the UK don't have to wait for Nook to reach their green isle. You can download samples of my fiction right now, and if you like my work, my payment processor takes your British Pounds just fine.

Visit the free fantasy ebooks page to download Union of Renegades and/or Rys Rising: Book I if you like epic fantasy told from many angles.