Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Free for Amazon Kindle US epic fantasy Rys Rising

Rys Rising: Book I by Tracy Falbe - Passionate epic fantasy told from many angles.

It takes Amazon a couple months but it catches up with competitors' prices eventually, at least in the United States. I noticed this morning that Rys Rising was finally set to free in the Kindle store. It's always been free at my website, but I initially released it as a 99 cent novel at retail outlets until I had more of the series published.

Since publishing the subsequent Rys Rising novels Savage Storm and New Religion, I switched Rys Rising to free at Smashwords and its retail partners in July. So it's been free at Barnes & Noble and Apple for a while. We'll see when Sony and Kobo catch up. They'll get there someday.

Unfortunately the Amazon Kindle publishing system does not give me the ability to make an ebook free. I have to wait for Amazon to notice that I'm giving it away elsewhere and then it price matches.

So, this is good news for readers who get a chance to sample my fantasy fiction for free. Some of them will like it and then purchase my other novels, which means I get to have an income. We all need those right?

Anyway, if you like hard-hitting multiple character epic fantasy, Rys Rising just might become your new favorite novel.

Readers on any platform can download it for free in prc, epub, or pdf format.

Kindle users can visit Amazon to download directly to your Kindle devices.