Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Six chapters of The Goddess Queen fantasy audiobook now available

The production of The Goddess Queen audiobook continues at its slow but steady pace. Chapters 5 and 6 are now available and I'm expecting to have Chapters 7 and 8 available about this time next month.

Despite the need for patience, I am very happy with how the recording is progressing. Andrew Wetmore is doing a wonderful job with the novel. His voice is clear and pleasing, and he even claims to be enjoying the story as he reads it. I'm so relieved to hear that because wouldn't it be a grinding chore to read a novel you didn't like?

For fantasy fans who'd like to support this recording project, you have at least 3 hours of action packed fantasy audio available for download as mp3 files.

Available Now:

Episode 1 of The Goddess Queen: The Rys Chronicles Book II.
Chapter 1 Fierce Loss
Chapter 2 The Proving Ground
You will recieve 2 mp3 files. Each is about 30 minutes.
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In Chapter 1 Fierce Loss Dreibrand grapples with the pressures of his impending fatherhood.
In Chapter 2 The Proving Ground Dreibrand joins King Taischek on a royal hunt and Shan recklessly draws out the Kezanada.
Episode 2
Chapter 3 Dueling Mercenaries
Chapter 4 Protege
You will recieve 2 mp3 files. Each is about 30 minutes.
In Chapter 3 Dueling Mercenaries Dreibrand gets caught in mortal combat without his armor and the Kezanada Overlord disables Shan with enchanted weapons.
In Chapter 4 Protégé Queen Onja decides that the eastern world must pay her tribute. She grooms a young rys to serve as an ambassador to the Atrophane Empire and begin its subjugation.
Episode 3
Chapter 5 A Lesson of Kingship
Chapter 6 Faychan
You will recieve 2 mp3 files. One is about 30 mintues. The other is close to 40 minutes.
In Chapter 5 A Lesson of Kingship, Miranda gets a new sword and Shan admits to King Taischek that he was lucky.
In Chapter 6 Faychan, Dreibrand endures personal attacks from Prince Kalek and then meets a high ranking Kezanada face-to-face.
The Goddess Queen continues the epic started in Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I that is a complete audiobook. Visit the fantasy audiobooks page at Brave Luck Books to listen to samples from both audiobooks.