Monday, September 17, 2012

What are emotobooks?

Emotobooks is a new term created by Ron Gavalik, founder of Grit City Publications. The concept of a graphic novel that illustrates the story as it is told through the written word is well known. Emotobooks don't seek to illustrate the physical dimension of the narrative. They seek to illustrate the emotion and thereby heighten the experience of the narrative.

Intense conceptual pieces of art are inserted into the emotobooks at important points in the story to add significance and clarity to the narrative experience.

I present the concept of emotobooks because Her Ladyship's Quest is having a guest on Friday, September 21st. Author Cynthia Ravinski will be sharing an excerpt from her emotobook-style story Lingering in the Woods.

Please come back at the end of the week to read the excerpt and see its complementary piece of art.

To learn more about emotobooks go to Grit City Publications