Monday, October 15, 2012

Just Published! Love Lost: Rys Rising Book IV

Last night I made Love Lost, the fourth and final novel in the Rys Rising fantasy series, live at Brave Luck Books and emailed my readers' list. I've had sales already! Thanks everybody!

Love Lost: Rys Rising Book IV by Tracy Falbe
Courage only goes so far.

In this breathtaking conclusion to the series, unleashed monsters born of cruel spells test the mettle of the sturdiest warriors. Soul wrenching chaos consumes the faith of thousands, and Nufal meets an awesome assault ignited by the raging power of love lost.

Dacian embraces Onja’s dark inspirations and helps twist the flesh of captives into powerful new beasts. While building a larger human army for his Goddess, Amar shrugs off an assassination attempt but then must lash out viciously after a vengeful attack against his lover the rogue Princess Demeda. His magnificent fortress continues to rise while he gathers all tribes to his supremacy. With his armies ready, he awaits Onja’s call to war and dreams of feasting upon the spoils of wealthy Nufal.

Threatened with a rys invasion, Cruce Chenomet hardens his body for brutal combat and labors to prepare his society to survive the onslaught of terrible enemies. The new fenthakrabi beasts magically conceived by his tabre allies disturb him with their unholy presence, but he remains devoted to Alloi, who has pledged to defend his people. Torn between his need to protect his secret lover and son on the frontier and his family in Kwellstan, Cruce struggles through ever worsening battles until he finally wagers his life against the most favored warlord of Onja.

The ebook version in either PDF, Epub, or Kindle Prc can be purchased from my website for $4.95.

In the coming days and weeks, Love Lost will be distributed through several online retailers. I will also develop a hardcover and paperback as soon as I get a chance.