Monday, October 8, 2012

Writing and editing Love Lost consumed my life this year

In one week on Oct. 15th I'm going to release Love Lost: Rys Rising Book IV into the world. It is my 8th novel, and at this point I personally believe it's the best novel I've ever written. Reader opinions will certainly vary, but when I finished writing Love Lost, I felt an immense sense of accomplishment. It concluded a story that had been inside me for a very long time.

Over the past eight months since I published New Religion: Rys Rising Book III, I have devoted almost all my time to Love Lost. I had to finish drafting the manuscript, which was done in early July. Since July I have edited the entire manuscript twice and then did a final proofread. This means I have read the novel three times in the past three months. I can honestly say I am still in love with it. I hope some readers will be able to appreciate it as well.

I worked very hard to polish this novel so that readers can enjoy it. I removed a monstrous 17,000 words, and I think the prose flows much better now. My editing is mostly about refining the language. I rarely remove whole scenes. Generally I make the decision to remove or add scenes during the initial drafting of the novel. My editing removes wordiness and refines dialogue. I find that I often fumble around for three sentences trying to express something, and then during editing I find a way to smooth it down to one sentence.

I'm very excited about publishing Love Lost. I'm also eager to move on to new projects. I desperately need to get back to writing. I miss doing it.

When I write a novel I always tell myself to make it better than my last novel. With Love Lost, I truly believe that I have met my goal. People will say that what I think of my novel does not matter. Readers are what matter, and that is partially true because I want to deliver a good reader experience, but the fact remains that it is impossible to please everyone. My novel writing is my artistic pursuit. Ultimately I have to be happy with it. I can never truly be sure if other people will like a novel. I can only know if I like it.

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