Friday, November 23, 2012

Coming next week: Guest post by Tara Maya author of Wing

To promote Wing, the fifth book in The Unfinished Song series, author Tara Maya is touring blogs. Next Thursday November 29th I'll publish her guest post about her reasons for not setting her fantasy epic in a Medieval European style world. Although I love that classic fantasy setting, I agree that there is no reason to limit the scope of the genre's inspirations.

In her upcoming essay, Tara Maya will explain her choice to build her novels upon Polynesian myths and also draw upon the concept of the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime.

Follow this blog so you can read her insights on fantasy inspirations next week.

Until then, you can download for free the first book in the series Initiate at a number of retailers.

To consider more fantasies set in non-European worlds, revisit my interviews with Jason McCammon and Milton Davis. These men both drew upon their African heritage to write some wonderful stories that won't leave you missing bearded Vikings or Druids at all.

Jason McCammon is the author of Warrior Quest available on Amazon.

Milton Davis is the author Meji, also available on Amazon.

I firmly believe that the entirety of world history and prehistory should inspire the fantasy genre. There are so many stories left to be imagined.