Friday, November 2, 2012

Indie Game: The Movie embodies the passion of artists

I was able to relate to this documentary that reveals the difficulties and rewards of independent game developers. Their determination and commitment to their deep artistic needs for expression were inspiring.

The world of video games is huge. The market is immense, and most of the games are produced by large media companies with vast staffs and big marketing budgets and unfettered access to high profile distribution.

And then there are indie game developers. These individuals and tiny teams labor over their creations. Do they long for commercial success? Usually, but many of them mostly want to create games without having to adhere to ideas developed by marketing teams that need to check off boxes determined by focus groups. Mostly the indie game developers need at least some success because they've sacrificed their careers and financial prospects to spend every day creating their visions.

The men presented in this documentary very much bared their feelings for the cameras. They were deeply driven to express their visions. To be honest they were obsessive as mad scientists, and I found them very validating personally. They helped me know that I am not alone in my unreasonable devotion to an artistic pursuit. They illustrated that some people are like me and want to spend their lives following their dreams.

Like them, I believe that the hardest thing about being an indie artist is not doing it. All the other setbacks, disappointments, and doubts are nothing compared to the soul-gutting horror of giving up.

The efforts of indie game developers are admirable. They make writing a novel look like almost nothing. They make me wish I had time to play games, but I don't. I'm too busy writing novels and trying to fit in other boring life responsibilities.