Friday, November 9, 2012

I've made some improvements to my digital download business

I've been selling downloads online since 2005. Back then my choices for affordable instant delivery of digital goods were limited, but the market has expanded, and a couple months ago I started shopping around for a new service provider. After much Googling and examining a gaggle of companies, weighing prices and features against my specific needs, I selected Digital Delivery App as my new vendor for providing my website shopping cart, integration with payment gateways, and smooth delivery of ebooks, mp3s, and images.

After spending the past month recoding all the ecommerce functions at my websites and actually using the system to sell products, I can report that I'm very happy with my switch.

If you're researching how to sell downloadable digital goods, even on a small scale, I recommend Digital Delivery App. These are its features that made me choose that company:

  • Easy to use copy and paste code for adding the shopping cart to my website.
  • Customizable shopping cart so I could make it match my website colors.
  • Ability to instantly deliver digital goods of any file type. (I sell ebooks, mp3s, and images so this was important to me.)
  • Ability to also handle orders for tangible goods. (I also sell paperbacks.)
  • Ability to let people checkout downloads as free samples. Being able to set some products as free samples is an essential tool for selling my fantasy series.
  • The system integrates with email marketing services like Mailchimp. This system lets my customers automatically decide if they want to stay on my email list or not. 
  • The system lets me offer discount coupons when I want to run specials.
  • I can bundle multiple products into packages. This was very important to me as well because I group together multiple ebooks and mp3s into bundles for easier checkout. Fairly often my customers choose the bundles.

My new digital delivery service has more features. Some I still need to explore, but for ease of use and reliability I am currently quite pleased with my choice. Digital Delivery App provides a basic free service that will let you get in there and test the system out before you have to pay. Micro sellers could probably get by with the basic service, but I needed to upgrade to a paid plan because I have many digital products. Even so I had a 30 day trial period before I had to pay.

I hope that my sharing this recommendation with you helps you make a decision about how to sell downloads from your website. There's free samples at the bottom of every page of this blog set up with the Digital Delivery App buttons if you want to see how they work.

Oh, and one last thing, the company responded quickly to my initial support requests and was actually helpful.