Friday, December 14, 2012

1 day left to enter the $25 Etsy gift card giveaway drawing

Since November 16th I've been touring blogs to promote my recently completed fantasy series Rys Rising. A $25 Etsy gift card is the first prize in the giveaway. The Rys Rising complete series in ebook format is second place.

The Rys Rising series is a fantasy quartet. It's a passionate saga told from many angles.

Rys Rising: Book I
Savage Storm: Book II
New Religion: Book III
Love Lost: Book IV

I've networked with some great bloggers and authors during the Feel Real Fantasy blog tour, and I'm very grateful for their participation and support. You can visit the tour stops to read excerpts from my novels and profiles of the characters.

Feel Real Fantasy Tour Stops

November 16th Matt D. Williams online Meet Amar, the bad ass not-a-hero.
November 17th Tara Maya Science Fiction & Fantasy Excerpt from Rys Rising: Book I
November 18th The Dragon's Inkpot Meet Veta, horsewoman of the frontier
November 20th Cynthia Ravinski Wandering Around the Words Meet Demeda, princess of the Sabar'Uto Tribe and Handmaiden of the Goddess
November 23rd Daniel R. Marvello Meet Dacian, king of the rys
November 25th Anna Kashina Meet Onja, queen of the rys
November 27th Jeroen Steenbeeke Meet Cruce Chenomet, militia commander of Nufal
November 29th Art and Tree Chatter of Aquariann Meet Ajel, frontier woman and fleshmender
November 30th To Read or Not to Read Excerpt from New Religion
December 1st Disciples of the Fount Meet Alloi, most powerful tabre of the Drathatarlane Sect and twin sister of Tempet
December 3rd J.R. Pearse Nelson Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Adventures Meet Tempet, most powerful tabre and warrior of the Drathatarlane Sect and twin brother of Alloi
December 5th Scott Marlowe Fantasy Author and Blogger Meet Jafe, bodyguard of Demeda
December 7th Bookish Ardour Meet Urlen, royal scribe and then outlaw and best friend of Amar
December 8th Fighting Monkey Press Excerpt from New Religion
December 10th Matt D. Williams (again!) Excerpt from Love Lost
December 11th Free Book Reviews Meet Gehr, senior commander of the militia
December 12th Independent Bookworm Excerpt from Rys Rising
December 12th (second stop) Illusions of Intimacy Meet Loxane, Shamaness of the Kelsur Tribe and High Priestess of Onja

At midnight Eastern U.S. December 15th the entry form will automatically close the drawing. I'll pick winners and notify them on Sunday, December 16th. Please note that the Etsy gift card is only available to U.S. residents. The ebook prizes are available worldwide.

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