Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quickie Paperback Giveaway - Win all 4 fantasy books of The Rys Chronicles

I feel like giving some attention to the first fantasy series I wrote, The Rys Chronicles. I've been so focused on my newer novels that I've been neglecting the marketing of my first epic that I wrote from 1997 to 2003.

I started my publishing company by producing these novels as 6 x 9 trade paperbacks. I still have some in stock although the vast majority of my income comes from ebooks. I know many people still prefer a nice comforting hunk of paper instead of ereading, so I'm doing a print giveaway. I read both books and ebooks myself.

Over the next 7 days U.S. residents can enter to win the drawing for The Rys Chronicles. The prize is 4 paperback novels:

Union of Renegades
The Goddess Queen
Judgment Rising
The Borderlands of Power

I'll sign all the novels for the winner and ship them out next week.

Free samples:

If you would like to preview the content of my epic fantasy you can download Union of Renegades for free or listen to 3 sample audio chapters from the audiobook.

About The Rys Chronicles:

Grandiose ambitions and desperation drive this fantasy epic of colliding civilizations. The Rys Chronicles is a fantasy quartet spanning seven years and revealing the tragedies, challenges, and triumphs of a diverse cast of characters.

Packed with personal duels, epic battles, magic, romance, and the corrupting influence of great power, this fantasy series introduces the rys, a rare super race whose most powerful members can kill across great distances, read minds, influence actions, and even enslave the souls of the dead.

Follow the journey of Shan, a good-hearted rys whose struggle against evil begins to warp his morality. Victories only bring greater challenges when hidden enemies seeking vengeance for an ancient genocide rise to punish the rys for their ancestors' crimes.

Drawing runs from Jan. 16th to Jan. 23rd.

If you want to enter by leaving a blog comment, you'll be asked to "Name a book series you really enjoyed."

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