Sunday, February 3, 2013

Favorited on Etsy this week

Over the past 7 days at Etsy, I've had 6 items at my shop be favorited by other shoppers. This means that people at Etsy clicked on the heart when viewing my items to place it in their favorites section. This action also gives the item a little merchandising boost because it might get shown in the recently favorited spots.

People use their favorite lists at Etsy for a variety of reasons. Foremost you can use it to make a list of items you're considering buying. After browsing, you can go through your favorites and choose the winner. I also click favorite just because I like something and think it is cool and want to show it off to people in my circles. I suspect other people do the same thing. Even if a person does not buy a thing they favorited, it's still a little positive vote in the system because each listing keeps a tally of how many favorites it gets. You could also use the favorite button to keep track of items you want to collect into an Etsy treasury.

So what got love at my shop this week?

  1. Digital vintage image of Three Bears - high res JPEG for worldwide download  2
  2. Rys Rising epic fantasy series - Indie fiction - 4 ebook novels for nook, kindle, pc, ipad, and more 1
  3. Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood vintage full color digital illustration - high res JPEG for worldwide download 1
  4. Digital vintage full color image of Cinderella & Prince at wedding banquet - high res JPEG for worldwide download 1
  5. Digital image of red 14th century medieval knight on horse - high res JPEG for worldwide download 1
  6. Indie fantasy audiobook 19 hours of epic listening mp3 download worldwide - Free sample available 
If you're an Etsy seller please comment with a link to an item that got favorited in the past week.