Tuesday, February 19, 2013

See my fantasy novels at Radio Rivendell

Fantasy Music

I'm pleased to announce that readers can now buy my fantasy novels at the Radio Rivendell shop. Acting as the world's 24/7 fantasy music online radio station, Radio Rivendell in a European non-profit organization. Revenues from donations, website ads (not in the audio), and its shop support the operating expenses of the radio station and its online community.

I've enjoyed this site years. I sometimes choose to turn it on as background music when I'm writing instead of selecting music from my personal library. Its stream of fantasy-inspired music includes compositions from young and independent artists.

All 8 of my fantasy novels are serving as a beta test right now so the site administrator, known globally as Lord Elrond, can test out merchandising ebooks. Heretofore, the shop sold mostly music CDs but is open to including other types of fantasy-themed merchandise.

Radio Rivendell will receive a portion from each sale of my fantasy novels.

Union of Renegades & The Goddess Queen: The Rys Chronicles Books I and II

Judgment Rising: The Rys Chronicles Book III

The Borderlands of Power: The Rys Chronicles Book IV

Rys Rising: Book I & Savage Storm: Book II

New Religion: Rys Rising Book III

Love Lost: Rys Rising Book IV