Thursday, March 21, 2013

I got a review so good it almost made me cry

Reviews on ebook retail sites are slow to come in for me. It's somewhere between hard and impossible for me to solicit reviews from book bloggers that specialize in book criticism. They have enormous reading lists because of an endless supply of authors seeking reviews. On top of this my novels are long, so reviewers probably tend to go for the quicker reads. Then there are the many reviewers who refuse to look at anything self published.

I rely almost solely on reviews from my actual readers. I put a statement at the end of my novels asking readers to leave a star rating or written review for me if they liked one of my novels. Most readers don't bother because they want to enjoy books, not write book reports. But every once in a while, a reader kindly takes the time to leave me a review. I got one of the best ones of my life at Amazon US on March 19th for Rys Rising: Book I.
The reader concluded her review by writing: "This is truly a work of art."
I was so touched to have my creation called a work of art. It is immensely gratifying to create a written work that another person is able to enjoy and also appreciate the depth of effort I put into the novel. I spent two years writing Rys Rising. I put one or two years of my life into every novel I write. It's so good to know I'm not wasting my time. Every reader who gives one of my novels a try creates a new opportunity for me to succeed as an artist. It is half of my goal as a writer. The other half is to express myself because if I don't I'll be miserable.

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