Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My recent appearances around the web

Richard Stephenson author of Collapse helps out authors at his blog. He recently published an excerpt from Rys Rising: Book I. Visit his blog to read the opening from Chapter 24 when Amar has begun terrorizing the tribal kingdoms and plots his revenge against the Patharki Tribe. Thank you for the guest spot.

The Eden Plague author David VanDyke kindly published my guest post about Keeping it Real for Fantasy Warriors. Thank you!

Does it ever bother you when you’re watching a movie and someone gets shot in the shoulder but still runs up and down a mountain, gets in a fist fight, and isn’t even really bleeding 15 minutes later? I enjoy fantasy but I can’t imagine away chunks of flesh flying loose from the upper body and not having to take a breather. If a warrior takes a bad wound he better have a friend ready to jump in and defend him from the mortal blow.
Keep reading it David's blog.

And on March 8th Digital Book Today syndicated my article Are We Enjoying A Golden Age of Reader Rewards? that first appeared at this blog. Add a comment if you have something to say about book giveaways or have been lucky enough to win one.