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She sees her Good magic as Evil - Azrel Character Profile

Today I welcome author Nichelle Rae who is touring her new novel Only a Glow. Rae has prepared a character profile to help readers get to know Azrel

Currently the novel has a 4.5 star rating at Amazon. Now let's get to know more about Azrel.

Introducing the most hated person in Casdanarus, well the most hated person among those who know she has returned, Azrel; also known as The White Warrior. Also known as, for those among us that even knows of The White Warrior, “The biggest coward in Casdanarus who ever existed and will ever exist.” Or also known as “The coward deserving 1,000 torturous deaths.”
Granted Casdanarus doesn’t even know Azrel, but the world certainly has never forgotten her father; The First White Warrior, for which a death penalty awaits anyone in many lands of Casdanarus that even speaks highly of The White Warrior.
Basic Statistics

Name: Azrel
Age: 29
Current Residence: Casdanarus
Siblings (describe relationship): Rabryn. Brother younger than her by 12 years. A very devoted and loyal and loving relationship is between them. They will protect each other to their last breath, even if the other does not want protection.
Relationship skills: Loyalty

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 5
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Greatest flaw: Misdirected self hatred.
Best quality: Brave, Noble, Honorable, and Loyal.
Body type: Agile, Muscular, and Tight. Sleek and Feminine. Could be compared to a cat.

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Learning Experiences: Too many to list here. You
re just going to have to read the book to find out. 

Character's short-term goals in life: Returning a lost magical necklace to its owner before the soul of the gem that is attached to the chain dies, and everything with the ability to heal in the world dies with it.

Character's long-term goals in life: Bringing honor to her father’s name by killing Hathum, the last reminisce of evil from the age of the last Shadow Gods rule before he can allow the Shadow Gods to rule her land again.

How does Character see himself/herself? Even though she was created by the very hand of the Light Gods of Goodness, she has suffered so much horrible hardship that she hates herself and her magic with a fierce passion for causing such hardships in her life. She sees her magic of Goodness as Evil because protecting it has hurt her so much.

How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? She knows her brother loves her but any other positive treatment or sign of affection from anyone else is lost on her and confuses her. She hates herself so much she can’t see how anyone can love her.

How self-confident is the character? She is not. She is loyal and will die for anyone of her friends even though some of her friends she’s often doesn’t believe truly think she’s great, even though they do.

Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? YUP! Both! She is ruled by emotion mostly. Her own hatred for the world that abandoned her great father who single handedly pulled the world back from the brink of Shadow 10,000 years ago. She is driven by her determination to bring honor back to her father’s name as The White Warrior. Also her logical side of warfare knowledge and weaponry and weapon use, taught to her by her father, gives her confidence in battle even if she is not confident in herself as a person. She knows she can kill and kill well, and she will do so in order to protect people she loves even though she doesn’t believe they could love her in return.

Emotional Characteristics

How does the character deal with anger? She loser her temper and starts arguments. Sometimes she screams really loud and changes into her White Warrior form when she gets angry enough to go temporarily insane.

With sadness? She deals with sadness by getting angry as well. She’s just learning how to cry at the beginning of the book when she’s forced to tell her brother Rabryn that she’s the world wide hated White Warrior.

With conflict? She arguesloudly.

With change? She is afraid of it at first in the very beginning of the book, but soon welcomes it if it gets her out of The Pitt and gives her the opportunity to kill Hathum and bring honor to her father’s name.

With loss? She blames her magic and her magical Sword and the Light Gods for taking anything from her.

What does the character want out of life? To bring honor to her father’s name and not lose anyone she loves in the process.

What would the character like to change in his/her life? The way the world see The White Warrior.

What motivates this character? Bringing honor to her father’s name is the only thing that drives her at first. Then the protection of her brother Rabryn and best friend Ortheldo are added to the determination.

What frightens this character? Failure and Water.

What makes this character happy? Her brother Rabryn.

Spiritual Characteristics

What are the character's spiritual beliefs? She knows the gods of her world exist though she does everything to try and not believe it because she hates them so much and blame them for all her hardship and loss.

Is religion or spirituality a part of this character's life? Yup. A huge part.

If so, what role does it play? She is the Light Gods very creation. She is Their earthly incarnation of Their very own power of Goodness and Light.

How the Character is Involved in the Story

Character's role in the novel: Main character. Heroine.

Scene where character first appears: Chapter One outside of her and her father’s cave she first appears at 13 years old.

Relationships with other characters:

1. Rabryn: -- They are very protective of each other though Rabryn is very naive as to exactly what kind of danger he wants to protect Azrel from. He knows nothing of the dangers in the world outside of The Pitt he grew up in. He lived a very secluded life and knew nothing of weapons and warfare until Azrel came into his life. But he witnessed firsthand horrendous torture and abused his beloved sister endured at the hands of the people of The Pitt and he loves Azrel with a fierce unwavering love and will protect her if he can for the rest of her life. Azrel is more aware of the dangers of the world. She grew up being trained by her father as a warrior. Rabryn is the only wholesome pure and good thing in her life and she will protect him to her dying day because her brother is the only good thing she thinks is in her life.

2. Ortheldo: -- Grew up with Azrel starting at 10 years old (Azrel was 13) when Azrel’s father found him as a runaway.  The two were at first dueling partners only. But when they lost each other suddenly and unexpectedly for 9 years, they realized in that absence that they meant more to each other than just dueling and training partners. Ortheldo’s love for Azrel is much like Rabryns, only on the romantic side of the coin of affection. Azrel fights hard to love Ortheldo because she believe herself evil and doesn’t want him to get hurt, or to hurt him ever. But as the perilous journey of theirs progresses it gets harder and harder for Azrel to deny how much she loves him.

3. Beldorn: -- Beldorn is a kind and gentle Wizard that rescues Azrel from an unseen peril. After Azrel’s father dies, he temporarily takes over the role as Azrel’s teacher. They travel together for a year, all over Casdanarus, as he shows her races and realms her father only could show her in books. They become great friends and Azrel is genuinely sad when they have to part ways. They reunite down the road as Azrel’s journey gets underway and Beldorn plays the role of wise advisor.

4. Forfirith: -- Is Azrel’s horse. At first Forfirith is just a mode of transportation, but because Azrel loves horses so much, she treats him like a regular friend, even talking to him on a occasion. Shockingly, he somehow seems to respond to Azrel much like a human companion would, even without talking. Soon Forfirith becomes a loyal and trusted friend to Azrel that she depends on for more than just a means of quicker travel.

Excerpt Of Azrel:
As much as I wanted her too, as much as I tried, Azrel never belonged in The Pitt. Her upbringing with her father was so dynamic it sparked her fiery nature. The Pitt, because of its simplicity on top of the scorn for her, was the worst place for someone like her to be in. She told me once that it made her feel like a caged animal. She wasn’t so much an animal, but she had an amazing spirit. Because of that wild spirit, she was a caged animal in a sense. 
It made me sad knowing The Pitt had wilted that spirit over the years. Though it had indeed wilted, it was far from dead. I’d already seen it start to come to life again and we were only a day away from The Pitt. Nothing pleased me more now than to see my sister in good spirits. She was free now.

Quotes From Azrel:
“Gift! How would you know if it’s a gift? You know nothing about my magic! How dare you call it a gift!”
“Forgive me if I don't tremble in fear, but I don't see you as any kind of a threat to me.”
“Don’t you dare go far into these woods, little brother. I had better be able to smell you nearby. Do you understand me?”
“If harm ever threatens you, I want it to be my life before yours!”

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