Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Parting of Friends and The Fate of Captives

The headline names the two newest chapters just completed for The Goddess Queen audiobook.

The Goddess Queen is a novel that I wrote about 14 years ago, so the details of it are not exactly fresh in my mind. Listening to the chapters as they are recorded has been a delightful experience. Chapters 15 and 16 are really intense to listen to. The narrator Andrew Wetmore did a marvelous job of it. These chapters are really emotional and story-shifting. 

In Chapter 15 The Parting of Friends, Shan realizes that he should have granted Taischek the favor he wanted, and Dreibrand worries that his position is in jeopardy.

In Chapter 16 The Fate of Captives, Onja puts Quylan to a final brutal test, and Lord Kwan approaches the breaking point no matter the consequences. 

If you are looking for a fantasy fiction listening experience, please visit my fantasy audiobooks page and download samples from the complete audiobook Union of Renegades and listen to samples from The Goddess Queen audiobook production. You can buy mp3 chapters to support the recording. 

My narrator and I officially passed the halfway point for recording The Goddess Queen, and I'm really looking forward to publishing the completed audiobook late this summer and getting it into iTunes and Audible. 

If audiobooks don't suit your lifestyle, The Goddess Queen is also available as an ebook