Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2 more chapters of The Goddess Queen audiobook released

The closer Dreibrand gets to Jingten and the final confrontation with Onja, the worse things get. He reunites with his old master Lord Kwan who is thinking about killing him. Then his rival the young King Kalek has definitely decided to kill him.

In Chapter 19 The Judgment of Lord Kwan, Quylan seduces the sympathies of Shan. Meanwhile Dreibrand suffers the consequences of his old master’s anger at the worst possible time.

In Chapter 20 King Kalek, Miranda is taken hostage by the young Temu King who then is able to capture Dreibrand. Occupied with the lovely Quylan, Shan is unaware of the vicious squabbling among his allies.
The audiobook production is getting closer to completion. Support its recording and buy episodes now. It only cost $1.50 to start listening.

See all episodes at The Goddess Queen audiobook page at Brave Luck Books.

This fantasy novel is also available as an ebook if you want to start reading.

I also started advertising this audiobook on the Functional Nerds. You can hear an audio excerpt from the novel in my ad in this week's episode.