Monday, April 8, 2013

Dogs, Cats or Both?

When I consider the differences between dog and cat people, I wonder...

  • Are cat people seeking an authority figure that will rule with an uncompromising iron paw? 
  • Are cat people in need of a sounding board that will treat all of their ideas with contempt?

  • Do dog people want to assert themselves as a "master"?

  • Are dog people desperate for constant feedback about how lovable they are?

  • Do dog people possess a desire to witness the genitals of their guests snuffled? 

  • Mostly I suspect that both dog and cat people just want companionship that's soft and fuzzy. 

A psychological survey of over 4,000 people done by University of Texas professor Sam Gosling revealed some personality tendencies for dog and cat owners.

From the study summary at
  • Forty-six percent of respondents described themselves as dog people, while 12 percent said they were cat people. Almost 28 percent said they were both and 15 percent said they were neither.
  • Dog people were generally about 15 percent more extraverted, 13 percent more agreeable and 11 percent more conscientious than cat people.
  • Cat people were generally about 12 percent more neurotic and 11 percent more open than dog people.

I like having both a dog and a cat. Perhaps I crave a cat to undermine my authority with the dog. Dogs have rules. Cats have demands.

I would not describe myself as an extrovert but I do enjoy the love and devotion I get from my dog. When I lost a beloved dog in 2011, I was overwhelmed by my grief and could not stand how empty the house was. I really do want that exuberant happiness that a dog delivers upon coming home. No matter how bad a day is going, a wagging tail always helps.

But what of cats? What do they offer? I admire a cat's innate sense of superiority. I like to enable their ability to sleep all day and avoid all the responsibilities that weigh upon us poor humans. I also like having someone soft and fuzzy to curl up by my feet in bed.

Some people think that cats aren't loyal, but I beg to differ. I usually acquire cats from shelters and when you spring a kitty from the pokey, he's going to be your homeboy through thick and thin, even when you bring a German Shepherd puppy home.

Comment with your opinions about dogs and cats. Which one do you have? Are you a dog-AND-cat person like me?