Tuesday, April 9, 2013

TV Tuesdays - Portlandia

I think the TV show Portlandia is delightful. It's not always laugh out loud gut-busting funny, but it's sketches are charming, thoughtful, and memorable.

What I love most about Portlandia is that it makes fun of people like me. The "You can pickle that" skit from season 2 makes me smile because I do a lot of pickling. I think I've even used that phrase "You can pickle that." Pickling is one of my favorite ways to preserve vegetables. Spicy pickled carrots are especially yummy although I understand the trepidation of my guests when I offer them a snack. I see in their eyes their realization that they have entered the home of someone who pickles.

Another great Portlandia moment is the little skit when the man forgets to bring his bag to the grocery. I'm one of those people who tries to always have her own bag and avoid stooping to a plastic one, even if I do use them for yucky garbage that doesn't go in the worm composter. (Paper bags go in the compost so I choose to get those sometimes.) In the skit the cashier is horrified by the man's lack of bag and has to call a manager.

In general the chemistry between the stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein is so perfect. Whether they are playing a married couple, just friends, or professional colleagues, they come across as so genuine. They are both very talented actors. I especially enjoy the costuming and the cross-dressing. Carrie makes a mind-blowing man in her (his?) wife beater tank. And Fred as a woman in the recurring Women's Bookstore sketches makes me chuckle every time.

Kyle McLachlan (Muad'dib!) as the Mayor of Portland is also a delight. He bikes and kayaks around the city. He's a truly enlightened political leader.

When I watched the Brunch Village episode in Season 2, I became even more smitten with the show. It was so clever and I could totally relate to the popular eatery that everyone was willing to wait for a seat in. After watching the episode before bed, I could not get it out of my head the next day. That evening I resolved to watch it again, but then saw on the episode list that the next episode was Brunch Village, the Director's Cut. I immediately watched the director's cut because the director's cut is always better than the original release, and it was! I especially admired the creativity of a show to produce a great episode and then immediately re-imagine its presentation in the next show and pull it off with smashing success.

I greatly anticipate watching Portlandia Season 3. I appreciate creative and clever sketch comedy performed by truly talented people. I wish them much success and thank them for their efforts.