Monday, April 15, 2013

Watcha Reading? Blog Hop - share, surf, read, repeat

The Watcha Reading? Blog Hop simulates the experience of seeing someone with a book or magazine and asking that person “What are you reading?”

Word of mouth is an important way for readers to get recommendations. Hop around the participating blogs to be serendipitously exposed to new reads.

Bloggers looking for a new hop are invited to join the Watcha Reading? Blog Hop. The concept is simple. Write a post at your blog about what you are currently reading. It can be a book, ebook, magazine, or ancient scroll that a wizard just handed you. Do a quick write up about what it is, why you’re reading it, and what you find interesting about it. It does not have to be a full and proper review. For example you can say “I just started this book and the main character is intriguing because…” Or, “I have to read this book for my class and this is an interesting fact…”

I’d say a paragraph of 3 or 4 sentences would be a nice minimum size for the post. You can write as much as you want though.

If you can, include a graphic element like a book cover in your post.


1. Include my blog hop graphic with the text link labeling Her Ladyship’s Quest as the sponsor. In html mode in your blog editor, paste in this code to get the graphic and link text:

<p><img src="" alt="Watcha Reading? blog hop" height="200" width="200" border="0"></p>
        <p>Sponsored by <a href="">Her Ladyship's Quest</a></p>

2. Copy and paste the link widget code into your post. This will display the links of participating bloggers so readers can hop around.  

<script type="text/javascript" src="" ></script>

3. Decide what prize to offer.

a. You can include the Rafflecopter form to give away my ebook Judgment Rising (get the code here).


b. Include a giveaway for a prize of your choice. For example, you’re an author and want to promote a title so you use that for the prize on your blog as part of the hop. Or maybe you want to offer a gift card of some sort. It’s up to you.

4. After you publish your Watcha Reading? post, add the direct link to that post to the widget form. It will update to include your blog post everywhere the widget is shared.

The reading material can be fiction or nonfiction. It can be for business or pleasure. The hop is meant to give a snapshot of what you are reading.

In the link widget form put the name of your blog for Link Title. After a few bloggers get signed up I will begin to promote the blog hop until the end of May.
Blog hop ebook giveaway drawing

Comment with the button on the Rafflecopter form below to be entered in the drawing to win Judgment Rising: The Rys Chronicles Book III. Although it's the third novel of that fantasy series, new readers can use it as a point of entry. It begins 5 years after the close of the last novel and introduces new story lines and characters.

About Judgment Rising by Tracy Falbe
To the victors go the spoils, and Shan and Dreibrand have flourished for five years as the leaders of their respective kingdoms. Allied by friendship, they greet the future with excitement and grandiose plans.
Dreibrand counts on his relationship with Shan to protect him from the encroaching Atrophane Empire as he carefully avoids direct confrontation with his former countrymen, now under the undisputed leadership of his old rival Sandin Promentro.

But a greater malice than imperial ambition threatens the new lords of the Wilderness. The long dead civilization of Nufal, where Dreibrand and Miranda nurture their fledgling kingdom, has not forgotten the brutal genocide of its ancient war with the rys. The ghosts of Nufal may have been extinguished but their avengers remain. The inheritors of Onja’s wealth and lands will now battle the nightmare of their judgment rising.

See more about The Rys Chronicles at Brave Luck Books. 

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