Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to Me - I bought a Nook HD

I went shopping this week and bought myself a Nook HD. Barnes & Noble was kind enough to send me an email promoting its sale price for Mother's Day. I got mine with 16 GB for $179.

I've been needing a new ereader since my Sony PRS that I bought in 2008 stopped taking a charge. The Nook HD is lovely. It's my first tablet and I'm still getting used to operating the touch screen. The display is very sharp.

Big selling points for me were the ability to set up profiles for my kids and that I could go talk to a human at the local B&N store for tech support if I wanted. So far I'm not having much trouble finding my way around the system. I sideloaded a pdf file today and that was rather painless. It's important to me that an ereader be easy to add my personal documents to. I'm constantly reading my own manuscripts as I work on them and like them portable. I also get ARCs from other authors sometimes and need to toss those on a reader.

It was also high time I had a tablet that I could watch video on as well as read books. Because the Nook HD has wifi connectivity I'm now suddenly interested in public places with free wifi. This is a strange feeling because I really don't want to become one of the many people staring at little screens, tapping and scrolling. But maybe I do? If I'm to believe what I read, apparently much of our behavior is subconsciously driven. That concept irks me because it makes me wonder about the decisions I make. Not being fully aware of my motivations bothers me.