Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rys Rising jumped into top 20 epic and sword and sorcery at Amazon Kindle

Rys Rising - A daring epic of complex heroes and villains. 

Onja can control what others see. Soon everyone will see things her way. 

I noticed a welcome increase in downloads for Rys Rising this weekend at both the US Kindle and UK Kindle stores. As of today it is trending into the top 20 for the fantasy categories of "epic" and "sword and sorcery" in the United States followed closely by a #27 spot in the UK.

Ranks this morning at the US Kindle Store.
Rank this morning at the UK Kindle Store.
Of course these ranks fluctuate hourly and may or may not last long. I hope they keep getting better though! If interested please put Rys Rising on your reading list. It is available at all ebook retailers.

Readers can download a free ebook copy of Rys Rising: Book I at Brave Luck Books

Also find it at your favorite online retailer.

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