Saturday, May 18, 2013

Writing Update: I'm working on a new novel

I make this announcement with some trepidation. Since 1997 I've been writing in my rys world and produced eight novels in that fantasy setting. Now I'm entering new territory. I've selected a historical setting and I'm working on a paranormal adventure. It's a werewolf novel set in 16th century Renaissance Bohemia.

I'm 24 chapters into the first draft. The novel has the working title of Werelord Thal. I might keep the title but it is too early to know for sure.

Readers interested in a sample of this work in progress may download a 4-chapter sneak preview of Werelord Thal.

Free PDF of Werelord Thal preview

It's been very strange for me to write outside my rys fantasy world. That's been my happy safe place for so long, but as an artist I need to aspire to new challenges.

I very much love studying history. The Renaissance or more accurately the Early Modern period is so gripping. So much about our current civilization emerged during this mind-blowing time. Institutions of prosecutorial social control, emerging nation states, global colonization, and resistance to theocracy name just a few of the forces that defined the Early Modern period and shaped our current civilization.

Superstitions common in 16th century Europe also provide a two-level candy box of inspiration. This was a time when people honestly believed in witchcraft. Supernatural forces brushed close to everyone's heart in a world still commonly full of dangerous beasts and lacking electrical lighting.

I'm having a good time studying one of my favorite historical periods more closely and creating new characters. Follow this blog so you'll know when Werelord Thal will be published. To follow, see left sidebar for easy subscribing or like Brave Luck Books on Facebook because this blog feeds into that page too.