Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cover Art Job Posting for Werelord Thal, a Renaissance Werewolf Adventure

I have a new novel in development and naturally need cover art.

Technical requirements for deliverable:

300 dpi resolution
Greatly prefer TIFF format but can accept jpeg
Image size approximately 1800 x 2700 pixels or 6 x 9 inches.

This size and resolution will give me the quality and flexibility to produce small digital cover images or produce a cover for print.

The novel will be titled Werelord Thal. It is a werewolf novel set in Renaissance Bohemia. 1561 to be precise. I’m open to either illustration or photo manipulation.

My main idea for the cover (and I am open to suggestions) is to make the main character Thal the focal point. He is a young man with thick reddish brown hair and a goatee. If you look closely his hair color is odd because it contains several colors, like an animal’s coat. And his eyes are a blend of all colors and are strikingly different. He would be depicted in Renaissance garb, but nothing fancy. He’s not wealthy. He would need a wolf hide over his shoulder or around his shoulders. This is his enchanted fur that he must use to cast the spell that changes him into a werewolf. Thal also needs one or two antique looking pistols in his belt, an old sword, and knives in the top of his boots. He is described as an attractive man. His shirt can be open with scratches showing on his chest.

It would also be great to include his dog. He is a scrappy small brown and white dog named Pistol.

The background should blend woodsy mountains and the skyline of a Renaissance city. Perhaps even find a way to faintly work the silhouette of a woman being burned at the stake.

I realize not all of these details might be achievable in the final composition. I’m looking for a clean and striking image to use to design the ebook and book covers. I’d mostly like details to shine on the main figure of Thal, especially his wolf fur and accouterments and have the background be suggestive and abstract. Leaving some blank background space for title and author text is good.

Please let me know your questions. I am still in the process of writing this novel, but it’s my 9th novel so this is a serious production. You can see more about my 8 previously published novels at Brave Luck Books http://www.braveluck.com

I can make available chapters of the manuscript to assist an artist in helping me develop this cover art.

A 4-chapter sneak preview of the work in progress is already available.

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I prefer to work with freelancers through the Guru freelance system. I like to use the escrow system so you can see that the project is funded when you begin work. Also we can use the project messages to track all correspondence, and Guru takes care of the 1099 tax form for me.

To bid on the project please go to Guru.

Please be patient for a response. I will be going on vacation in late June and will not be making a decision until mid to late July.

Thank you in advance for your time.