Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fortune cookie fun with book titles

My wandering mind has discovered that the titles of novels are just as fun as fortune cookie messages when you add the phrase "in bed" after them. The results range from funny to weird to outright disturbing.

Here's the game with my novels:

Union of bed

The Goddess bed

Judgment bed (Don't want this to happen.)

The Borderlands of bed

Rys bed

Savage bed (Could be fun.)

New bed (I wish.)

Love bed (Happens to everybody.)

Let's try some famous titles:

The Fellowship of the bed (Sorry.)

The bed (We're not related, right?)

Moby bed (This had to be on the list.)

Great bed (Obvious choice)

The Sound and the bed (I heard this through a wall at a motel once)

The Call of the bed  (Sign me up)

Alice's Adventures in bed (She's older than she looks.)

The Three Musketeers....(OK, I'll stop)

What fortune cookie fun with book titles can you think of? Please share in comments.

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