Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fun excerpt about temple virgins from fantasy novel Judgment Rising

Judgment Rising: The Rys Chronicles Book III is also available as an ebook worldwide.

In this excerpt Sandin Promentro is at a banquet before he leaves to campaign again in the Wilderness that separates the Atrophane Empire from the lands of the magical rys.

When Sandin had first returned home from the historic journey into the unknown world, the attention and respect from his people had been welcome, but now he was anxious to return to the Wilderness and leave their awe behind. Their curiosity had grown tiresome after five years and the same barrage of excited questions was hitting him again.

“Lord General, are the western creatures really magic?”

“Lord General, what does a rys look like?”

“Lord General, will you make a treaty with these magic creatures?”

“Lord General, is the King of Jingten as great as I have heard?”

Sandin looked directly at the person who asked that question and said, “Greater than you can know.”

The people who heard his answer paused thoughtfully as if trying to imagine something they could not.

Finally, he reached his table and settled down with his close associates, who were more accustomed to his fame. He held the chair for Haley, and, as she sat down, he noted the silver that now mingled with her golden curls. He wondered if any of the gold would be left when he returned to Atrophane. Even at mid-life, Haley was a beautiful woman and Sandin was proud of her. She maintained their political connections superbly and she raised their son well. Haley really embodied his Atrophaney existence, but he could never fully join her. Nothing heated his blood like empire building, like claiming foreign lands and soaking up the power of leading an army and knowing that he was the ultimate law. He imagined it as being Darmar without most of the hassle.

Servers came by with more wine and the first course of food.

Watching the girls go by, Haley commented, “I suspect that these temple virgins may not be as chaste as their title implies.”

Carfu, who sat on the other side of Sandin, joked, “Why Lady Triesto, I believe that is covered by the don’t ask, don’t tell policy.”

Sandin shared in their laughter but then scolded his wife for starting rumors.

“I never started a thing with a temple virgin,” Haley insisted and got another laugh.

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