Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Introducing The Good Friends and Great Reads blog prompt

Looking for a new idea to jump start your blogging?

Of course you are!

Steal my Good Friends and Great Reads blog series idea and get some extra promotion from Her Ladyship's Quest.

What to do:

Write a post with this blog prompt: Describe and examine a friendship between characters in a novel. Authors - use your own novels. Book Bloggers - use a favorite novel. Post can also include a short excerpt illustrating the friendship. You can use my puppy book graphic or develop your own.

Next, tell me about it so I can mention and link to your "Good Friends and Great Reads" during my blog series that runs from August 1st to September 20th.


Starting Thursday August 1st I will begin an 8-part weekly blog series examining the many friendships that develop between characters in my fantasy series. Book lovers who appreciate character driven fiction can get to know the main characters in my novels and hopefully get intrigued enough to visit my web store Brave Luck Books and download an ebook.

Schedule for my Good Friends and Great Reads blog series:

August 1st - Dreibrand and Tytido
August 8th - Dreibrand and Shan
August 15th - Shan and Taischek
August 22nd - Dreibrand and Faychan
August 29th - Cruce and Gehr
September 5th - Amar and Urlen
September 12th - Urlen and Demeda
September 19th - Madame Fayeth and Atarek

Questions? Leave me a comment and I'll reply as soon as I can.