Sunday, July 14, 2013

My blog tour in review

The prize has been awarded and the review stops are over for Rys Rising: Book I. I picked up 4 positive reviews, 2 of which got added to Amazon US and 1 was added to Barnes & Noble.

Hopefully these reviews will help me gain a few new readers as time goes by.

My favorite part of the tour was interacting with the questions left at the blog.

One commenter asked me who was my favorite character to write?

This was my response:

"It’s so difficult to say who was my favorite character to write. So many of them please me in different ways, but since I have to pick I’ll say that Amar was a thrilling character to write. He’s a winner and gets away with things, and I adore the fantasy of being an outlaw."

Another person wanted to know if my novels were young adult. 

I suppose they're not, but it's hard for me to know what young adult is. Does that mean an 11 year old or a 16 year old? If I'm to believe new research about brain development, then a young adult is 25 years old.

Anyway perhaps "young adult" is code for no sex, so I said that my novels are not labeled young adult because they have sex in them. Of course when I was a teenager I loved coming across sex scenes in novels, so kids that are curious about sex should read, read, read!

I enjoyed doing the blog tour, and appreciated the help of Goddess Fish Promotions. It seems that these tour companies have become important for reaching book reviewers, who are too booked up to respond to requests from individual authors.

I'm certain to do more blog tours in the future. I think they are a good tool for gaining extra exposure and reviews on top of my steady trickle of guest posts that I arrange myself with other gracious bloggers.