Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fantasy Fiction Friendships - Dreibrand and Shan - Good Friends and Great Reads blog series part 2

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Part 2 Dreibrand and Shan

People enjoy experiencing friends sticking together through difficult circumstances. Friendship is a powerful force and we all can relate to it, and that’s why great character friendships make great books.

In this second part of my 8-part blog series on friendships in my fantasy novels, I want to shed light on the relationship between the human warrior Dreibrand Veta and the powerful rys Shan.

The relationship begins with an admittedly Godfatheresque style.

Shan is developing a base of followers before he challenges Onja for the rys throne, and he wants to recruit Dreibrand. Dreibrand needs badly to escape Jingten with his lover Miranda and he must agree to be Shan’s friend in exchange for help.

Their friendship deepens as time goes on. Dreibrand becomes truly devoted to Shan because of the rys’s kind heart. Shan abhors using his magic for violence although he must do it because it is the only way to defeat evil.

Shan appreciates Dreibrand for his loyalty. And even though Dreibrand is only a man and Shan is a vastly superior being, Dreibrand’s bravery still inspires him.

As the saga progresses, Dreibrand also must become the keeper of one of Shan’s great secrets. And Shan becomes the one who can reward Dreibrand with the fulfillment of his greatest ambition.

For many years love thrives between the man and the rys, but new conflicts arise and the friendship falters and they must stumble down the path of regret, reconciliation, and forgiveness.

Consider this difficult scene from The Borderlands of Power when Dreibrand believes he must face life bereft of his greatest friendship.

“Dey, why have you been so kind to me?” Dreibrand asked.

The rys paused. He looked over his shoulder at the warding crystal on Dreibrand’s sword that marked him as a special friend of his King. With the lamplight gone, the cool blue glow of the crystal revealed to Dey the lingering twilight of Dreibrand’s love for Shan.

“I have seen suffering now and I think I prefer to help than hurt,” Dey responded, but then he met Dreibrand’s eyes and added, “I also know that King Shan would want me to help you. If he were here, he would help you.”

“Do not be so sure of it,” Dreibrand said. He turned his face away and pressed it against a fur. The soft pelt of the dead animal comforted him far more than memories of his lost fondness for Shan.

Dey pitied the desolation of the human man, who had basked in Shan’s love and then had it ripped away. The rys departed quietly and Dreibrand tumbled into fitful sleep bedeviled by dreams of grief and blood.

If you want to contemplate maintaining a friendship with a magic being whose power often threatens to corrupt him, read The RysChronicles. You can start it by downloading the first novel Union of Renegadesfor free.

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