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Fantasy Fiction Friendships - Dreibrand and Faychan - Good Friends and Great Reads Part 4

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Have you ever liked someone even though you knew you probably shouldn’t? 

In part 4 of my 8-part fictional friendship series we’ll look at the relationship between Dreibrand and Faychan in The Rys Chronicles.

As the hero, Dreibrand finds himself on the underdog side of a rivalry between two magically powerful rys. Serving on the side of Shan, Dreibrand seeks information and support from the Kezanada, a notorious outlaw society that also happens to serve Shan’s enemy.

Faychan holds the rank Masterspy. He’s an aging warrior but still quite lethal and full of schemes. His main talents are knowing more than others and playing all sides of a situation. Suspicion naturally divides Dreibrand and Faychan but they cannot deny the opportunities they see in establishing a relationship.

This is the scene from The Goddess Queen when the two men first meet. Their relationship will span the rest of the series.

“What is your name?” Dreibrand asked.
“Faychan is how I am known among the Kezanada.”
“And why do you want to talk to me, Faychan?” Dreibrand asked.
“We will get to that. But first let us take the edge off this cold.” Faychan reached for a pouch by his knee.
Dreibrand flinched and grabbed his sho dart pistol from inside his cloak and Faychan withdrew his hand. “Don’t be so jumpy. I am only getting us a drink. And didn’t anybody tell you that the sho drug starts to lose its potency after a couple months?” He carefully eased his hand back to the pouch, but Dreibrand stayed defensive, wondering if his darts were useless or if the Kezanada was tricking him. Faychan pulled out a dark glass bottle and two small metal cups and commented, “I am impressed that you are so worried that you brought all of those warriors.”
“Sometimes Kezanada can come out of the trees,” Dreibrand growled.
Faychan chuckled and poured some of the liquor into the cups.
“I cannot believe you expect me to drink with you,” Dreibrand scoffed.
“A man brave enough to kill the Overlord should not be afraid of one drink,” Faychan remarked.
“Why would I share a drink with my enemy?” Dreibrand said.
Faychan put down the bottle and held a cup toward Dreibrand. “Maybe we don’t have to be enemies anymore.”
The Kezanada saw the hope light up the eyes of his guest and surmised that Shan’s general was interested in a truce. “I am drinking from the same bottle. It is not poison,” Faychan encouraged, holding the cup closer to Dreibrand.
Dreibrand did not want to drink it. He simply did not trust the man. Finally, Faychan tossed back his cup of liquor to demonstrate that it was drinkable.
Faychan sucked on his teeth then took a deep breath after downing the drink. “It is time for us to be friends. Drink with me, Dreibrand Veta,” he said.
Reluctantly, Dreibrand put the sho dart pistol away and took the offered cup, if only to show his nerve. The liquor had an unpleasant taste and he pushed it through his mouth immediately, like medicine. It rushed down to his stomach in a hot wave that radiated through his chest. Even if it was not poison, it seemed like it. Dreibrand cleared his throat twice as his body absorbed the shock.
“Want some more?” Faychan laughed.
“No. I did not come here to sit in a snowbank and get drunk with you. Now talk to me,” Dreibrand said.
Faychan seemed to appreciate the surliness and got to his business. “Very well, Dreibrand Veta. I wanted to talk to you because you killed my Overlord. Normally, he who does that would seek to claim leadership of the Kezanada.”
“I did not kill the Overlord to take his power. I killed him because he made himself my enemy,” Dreibrand said.
“But you could claim his power,” Faychan insisted. “Killing the Overlord demands a great deal of respect in our society. Many Kezanada would transfer their loyalty to you.”
Although intrigued, Dreibrand doubted the plausibility of Faychan’s suggestion. “I am not a Kezanada. I do not know your ways. And I must admit, Faychan, I do not know why you are telling me this.”

Sometimes rocky starts bring the most fascinating friendships. 

Despite the constant undertow of mistrust that accompanies Faychan, he does possess some charm, and Dreibrand finds himself drawn to him as a mentor figure. Faychan is older, unashamedly black-hearted, and a font of wondrously cunning advice. Dreibrand values these abilities.

Faychan mostly wants to manipulate Dreibrand as a front man so he can work from the shadows. Dreibrand recognizes Faychan’s strategy, but how long can he avoid the role that Faychan wants for him?

The interaction of these two characters represents the concept of using friendships to get ahead. It’s not just about mutual affection and respect. The men want to gain from each other. Such business-oriented relationships are always vulnerable to the demands of ambition.

To follow the exploits, triumphs and setbacks these two men experience in a magical world, read The Rys Chronicles. The first novel Union of Renegades is a free fantasy ebook at Brave Luck Books. 

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