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Fantasy Fiction Friendships - Shan and Taischek - Good Friends and Great Reads Blog Series Part 3

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Part 3 - Shan and Taischek

An epic adventure with the goal of overthrowing an oppressive tyranny is going to require calling in a few favors. In this third part of my 8-part series on fantasy fiction friendships, I reveal the moment when a favor for a friend changes everything.

Exiled from the rys homeland of Jingten, Shan must seek the help of his long time human friend Taischek, King of the Temu Tribe.

The rys exile and the human king have a history going back to Taischek’s youth. Shan saved Taischek when he was a teenager from a fiery execution at the hands of a rival tribe. Naturally grateful, Taischek pledged his unswerving loyalty to Shan. Of course as years went by, he came to think that nothing would ever come of his fateful pledge.

Enjoy this scene when Taischek realizes that Shan has come to incite rebellion and put Taischek’s tribe at the heart of it.

The accountants had finished packing their records into wooden chests and Taischek hurried them out. Reclining among his many pillows, Taischek clapped his hands and a servant appeared from behind curtains carrying a tray of goblets and a pitcher of wine. Too impatient to suffer the fuss of the servant pouring the wine, Taischek seized the pitcher and began sloshing wine into the cups.

“Bring us food,” he barked, and the servant obediently disappeared on his errand.

“What have you been doing with yourself, Shan?” the King inquired pleasantly.

Sipping his wine, the rys replied casually, “You know me, making life difficult for Onja. Contradicting her every order and general feuding.”

“Did she finally kick you out?” Taischek asked as a joke.

“Yes,” Shan said simply.

The humor faded from Taischek’s face, and he kept his suddenly serious gaze on Shan as he handed Dreibrand the last cup of wine. Gratefully, Dreibrand accepted the drink, noting the King lacked a couple fingers but made up for them with rings.

“I hope to discuss business with you, Taischek,” Shan added.

Taischek suspected the meaning behind Shan’s words but shook his head adamantly. “Not today, Shan. Let us speak of serious matters tomorrow. The Temu celebrate tonight. We go to war against the Sabuto Tribe in three days and this day is only for pleasure.”

“Excellent idea!” Shan agreed readily, knowing it would please Taischek. The delay of a day meant little to a rys. Shan continued, “We are fortunate to arrive before your celebration. Dreibrand, the Temu have the best parties.”

“Of course we do!” Taischek cried, relieved that Shan had not pursued his business. “Tonight we shall enjoy ourselves so that we can take the warpath with memories of joy.”

Xander whooped with agreement and drained his goblet. The King called for another round, and Dreibrand had to hurry through his wine in order to take more.

Too dignified to rush through anything, Shan declined more wine and asked, “Why are you in this tent? Fata Nor has a wonderful guest house.”

“Yes, and all of my wives are in it,” Taischek grumbled. “I’m sick of them. I’m glad it’s the war season.”


Eventually Shan and Taischek will discuss serious matters. When Taischek must risk the thousands of lives under his control, an intense story will ensue. To enjoy a character-driven epic sample The Rys Chroniclesfantasy series. You can get the first novel Union of Renegades as a free ebook. Maybe you’ll make new fictional friends and care about what happens to them. 

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Listen to this sample from The Goddess Queen: The Rys Chronicles Book II audiobook when Shan and Taischek quarrel about how to use their army.

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