Friday, August 9, 2013

Inside the Mind of an Author by TC Southwell

Today I happily welcome TC Southwell, a South African fantasy author who writes good books and lots of them. I loved her novel Demon Lord, and was happy for the chance to participate in her blog tour.  Her blog tour is promoting the novels The Queen's Blade I and II. Enjoy a 40% discount on The Queen’s Blade II, Sacrifice for 3 days, 10 – 12 August at Smashwords.


Inside the Mind of an Author by TC Southwell

If it’s a fantasy author’s mind, it’s a weird place! Magical realms abound, chockfull of fearsome creatures and wonderfully strange heroes and heroines. I can’t speak for all authors, but my fantasy worlds are always alive and well in the back of my mind, just waiting for me to spend time in them. My characters’ lives continue there, but in the everyday way that everyone’s does, although theirs are obviously a little bit different. I’ll occasionally encounter Blade out for a stroll with Chiana, or sneaking her into an alehouse to watch a troubadour and entertain her with his insights into the patrons. He’s a people watcher, even though he has more of a life of his own now. I’ll see them having tea and picnics in the garden, or sipping wine in front of the hearth. I leave them alone in their more private moments, however.

I often visit Sabre and Tassin at their new estate, and listen to them arguing with Tarl, Kole, Martis and Estrelle. They still argue a lot, especially with Kole, and he and Tarl argue the most. Sabre enjoys their little spats, and, when arguments grow heated, steps in to put an end to them. Those are the two worlds I visit the most, but I also occasionally catch glimpses of Bane and Mirra as they relax in some alien world. Their lives are still interesting to me, but not book worthy. I have to wait until they set off on a new adventure, and until they do, there’s no real, which is to say, engrossing, channel for me to tap into. Blade is taking a long break right now, but sometimes the breaks there don’t match the time here, so it’s not certain when he’ll become embroiled in another conflict or embark on a new escapade.

So, the mind of an author is always an interesting place full of the people from his or her books, if they’re anything like mine. Perhaps other authors live in the real world more of the time, and only visit their magical worlds when they write. Of course, I also spend time in the real world, but I find my fantasy worlds far more interesting, even when the characters there aren’t in the middle of an adventure. In my experience, life is never dull for an author, with fresh escapism available whenever this world becomes a bit too humdrum. It’s always been like that for me, so I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

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Enjoy a 40% discount on The Queen’s Blade II, Sacrifice for 3 days, 10 – 12 August at Smashwords.