Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Work in Progress Update: Finished Writing a Difficult Chapter This Week

Various Instruments of Torture. Note the fine craftsmanship. Everything was made with so much care and detail back then. Image credit: Wikipedia.

Over the past week I've been writing a chapter that was difficult to do because it contained torture. My work in progress Werelord Thal is set in Renaissance era Bohemia and there are witches and people accused of witchcraft in it. My heroine Altea got caught and faced torture to make her confess to her crimes. She isn't a witch, but torture will make anyone say anything. That's why it's unreliable for interrogation.

My challenge aside from writing about human cruelty was torturing my heroine but leaving her in a condition from which she can recover. I didn't want to kill her, but after studying Renaissance torture techniques I learned that most of them were not anything you would recover from.

Although I left her in pretty bad condition, I am satisfied that she can recover but that she was tortured enough to confess and in a historically accurate fashion. And she did confess. You would too.

I'm pleased with how the chapter turned out. She's broken and despairing. Don't worry. I'll rescue her. This is what makes reading fiction so thrilling. I'm sure some readers would prefer that she be rescued prior to torture. She would have liked that too, but one of the points of the novel Werelord Thal is that society was in upheaval during the Renaissance and people were tortured willy nilly. It was all very gruesome. One of my research sources even stated that although torture is described as Medieval, it was practiced much more during the Renaissance when various status quo powers were threatened by challenges to their authority. Boss man never goes down without a fight.

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