Monday, September 30, 2013

Read a Preview from Upcoming Werewolf Novel

The proofreading of Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Novel is well underway. I've gone through 259 pages of the 621-page manuscript shown here. This means I have updated the free 4-chapter preview of the novel. This preview is now in its final form.

You can get the preview of Werelord Thal at Brave Luck Books.

Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Time to Proofread on Paper

There it is: The printed manuscript of Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale

After completing its major edit I now move onto a paper and pen proofreading. It's important to include a good old fashioned eyes on paper proofreading when I prepare a manuscript for publication. Everyone knows that mistakes are easier to miss on screen than on paper, so I always do this step. My condolences to the trees that died to provide this 621-page chunk of fiber. There are so many pages because it's printed double spaced in 12 point font. This gives lots of room around each word and aids in the detection of problems. The extra space also makes it easy to add correction symbols and notes.

I'll be spending the next week of my life immersed in the fine details of this story. And soon it will become a new novel!

Follow my blog or join my readers' list so you can be among the first to know when Werelord Thal is ready for the world. I'll be doing pre-release promotions for people on my list.

In case you're wondering if proofreading a 621-page document is a shit-ton of work, yes it is.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Should I Do NanoWriMo This Year?

Like any writer I've heard of NanoWriMo, a tortured abbreviation for National Novel Writing Month. Every November writers pledge to attempt the writing of a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Although my novels are all three times that length, I am thinking that the challenge would be a good way to get a big start on my next project.

Over the years, I've been in the 10,000 to 20,000 words a month league. Because of I've written daily more or less for 16 years I never really felt the urge to jump on the NanoWriMo bandwagon. I didn't need the motivation. But as I feel more and more dedicated to my writing career I am starting to think that it could be a good challenge. If I could get 50,000 words into a new novel in one month I would be well on my way to producing another novel by spring.

Now I just need to figure out what that next novel is about. I assume I'm allowed to decide on the nature of the project before November. It takes weeks of daydreaming and soul searching to decide on the subject matter of a new novel.

What do you think? Should I sign up and make my success or failure a matter of public record?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Smashwords Deals - September 25th Browse Coupons

Smashwords Coupons List for September 25, 2013

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The Princess who becomes a Mermaid  

Reena Yadav

Children's books

$0.99    50% off with coupon PN36C
Immediately until 31st October 2013 

Get it at Smashwords

Princess Amara and Prince Triton, one from land and the other from the sea. Are they fated for each other?  

The Connor Chronicles: Bronze

Reena Yadav


$0.99 75% off with coupon ER48F
Immediately until 18th October 2013  

Get it at Smashwords

At the time of his unexpected death, never did it dawn upon Aidan Connor that he was The Chosen One, a mortal chosen to become a God.

Cowboy Ending 

Adam Knight

Urban Fantasy

Free 100% off with coupon MH72H
NOW Until Sept 30th

Get it at Smashwords

Joe is a bouncer at the hottest nightclub in Winnipeg. Struggling with debt, his mother’s ill health and uncontrollable asensitivity to all things electrical he doesn’t have time to worry about Winnipeg's dark side. But with women going missing and the police at their wits end what’s a hard luck bouncer supposed to do when violence gets in his face? He saddles up and sends his life into overdrive

I am very excited to get more eyes on my writing. This has been a labor of love for many years and I would appreciate any and all feedback.

To Fall for an Angel  

Matthew Horgan

Drama, romance, action

Free 100% off with coupon NR97E
15/9/2013 - 1/10/2013   

Get it at Smashwords
At first all seems lost, then a brief meeting gives the hunted a chance to be the hunter, lost warriors a chance for redemption and vengeance, and new acquaintances a chance to become something more. That is, of course, if all concerned can avoid starting a regional war.

One Army, Many Tribes 

Matthew Horgan

Romance, action/adventure

Free 100% off with coupon EB56Y
15/9/2013 - 1/10/2013   

Get it at Smashwords
Two years after her escape from Romania Ashley finds herself beset with many challenges; coping with University exams, acting as aide to a billionaire heiress and PMC commander, and trying to balance her personal life between two lovers and their own romantic interests. The PMC's attempt at a recruitment drive only makes Ashley's predicament considerably more intense.  

Lambs to Lions

Matthew Horgan


Free 100% off with coupon UR64Y
19/9/2013 - 1/10/2013   

Get it at Smashwords
A young girl awakes in a foreign hospital to find herself and her sister the guests of a small yet formidable group of fighters. At first the girl believes her hosts saved the sisters from their personal hell, however the fighters' commander suggests that a simpler and far more powerful force is responsible for the sisters' survival.

Murderous Decisions 

Anna Drake

mystery, suspense

$2.00 33% off with coupon SL97A
9/22 to 10/22   

Get it at Smashwords
Victoria Cross' life shifts in an unwelcome direction when a stranger is murdered. 

The Legend of Sasquatch  

William T. Prince

Literary Fiction or Drama

$1.50 50% off with coupon TG98P
09/22/2013 through 10/31/2013 

Get it at Smashwords

This action-packed character novel is NOT about Bigfoot but, rather, about a big late-adolescent Texan trying to find his way on the mean streets of late-1970s Dallas. 

The Education of Clint Buchanan

William T. Prince

Literary Fiction or Drama

$1.50 50% off with coupon CW26F
09/22/2013 through 10/31/2013

Get it at Smashwords
This sequel to The Legend of Sasquatch finds its protagonist, Clint “Buck Hannon,” moving to Oklahoma to escape his troubles and attend college, only to find that his troubles don’t stop at the Red River.

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Happy Reading Everyone. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Werelord Thal Update: First Major Edit Completed

Over the past two weeks I have been editing my new novel Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale. The first thing I did was to simply read it. I didn't make any changes or corrections. I read it like I was anyone reading any book. A read through like this is the recommended first step in editing, according to one of my old textbooks Reaching Audiences: A Guide to Media Writing.

This method allows me to experience the novel the way a reader would. I'm not focusing on minute details or fixing sentences. I'm analyzing the overall quality of the novel the way you do when you're reading a book.

I purposefully do this type of read through on an ebook reader so I can't write in any changes.

My first impression of the manuscript was that the pace went along at a good clip. There was always something happening and it never dragged. Cool!

After doing the stage one read through, I got down to the hard work of editing.

  • I cleaned up sloppy scenes. 
  • I tightened up dialogue. 
  • I checked the definitions of many words to make sure I was using them correctly. 
  • I did additional research to nail down some historical details. 
  • I made sure the motivations for the characters made sense. 
  • I took notes on names, places, and other special terms to guide my copyediting.
  • And I cut extra words. 

What started as a 183,000 word manuscript is now down to 164,000 words approximately.

Next I am going to print the manuscript and proofread and copyedit it on paper. I'll also continue to fine tune the prose and try to make the words prettier in places.

My excitement about this project is growing. I can't wait to release another novel! There's nothing like it.


Monday, September 23, 2013

My Grandma's Vintage Recipes Now Available in Print

Although I sometimes use my tablet in the kitchen and work with digital cookbooks, I realize that reference books are often best as an old fashioned paper book. 

Therefore, I'm happy to announce the paperback version of My Grandma's Vintage Recipes: Old Standards for a New Age.

$6.99 Paperback

If you buy from the Createspace store you can get a 20% discount with coupon code F69J7ECD - The discount won't apply to shipping. International buyers welcome. 

This cookbook of vintage Canadian recipes is also available at Amazon:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon Germany
Amazon France
Also available as an ebook worldwide.

About the cookbook:

Regain the wisdom and creativity of our ancestors who were experts at whipping up something special with tight budgets and limited supplies. You may not be able to find the “10-cent bag of marshmallows” anymore, but modern cooks can still benefit from this collection of 1920s vintage recipes collected by my late Grandmother. In 2012 I discovered her handwritten recipe notebook from 1926 and developed this cookbook.

While updating the directions for modern cooks, I maintained the vintage charm of her original notes. Generations ago people did not have a bunch of fancy ingredients, but they still came up with a variety of yummy quick breads, cakes, desserts, pies, salads, main dishes, canning recipes, and fruitcakes. This cookbook has a special emphasis on fruitcakes. I share my mood-altering experiences with her fruitcake recipes. Bakers who love the holidays should definitely add a classic Christmas fruitcake to their list. All jokes aside, fruitcake deserves a place among elite holiday desserts.

And people into urban farming and homesteading can harvest delicious value from these vintage recipes meant to use up all the dried fruit and nuts you can pick. Plus find a variety of classic uses for all the tomatoes, cucumbers, and apples you can grow with marvelous canning recipes for sauces, pickles, and chutneys.

My Grandma’s name was Edna Oldershaw Irwin and her recipes reflect the character of the food in 1920s Canada where she grew up in Chatham , Ontario . After months of effort, I’ve prepared 64 of her recipes for publication. I no longer have my Grandma, but I still have her cookbook and now you can read it too. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fantasy Fiction Friendships Part 8 Atarek Veta and Madame Rose Fayeth - Good Friends and Great Reads

Follow Her Ladyship's Quest and enjoy my 8-part Good Friends and Great Reads blog series. Every Thursday through September 19th, I'll be sharing insights about powerful relationships between characters from my fantasy series. Join the literary discussion by leaving comments about fictional friends that felt like your friends too.

See also Part 1 Dreibrand and Tytido
Part 2 Dreibrand and Shan 
Part 3 Shan and Taischek 
Part 4 Dreibrand and Faychan 

Part 5 Cruce and Gehr

Part 6 Amar and Urlen 

Part 7 Urlen and Demeda

Part 8 Atarek Veta and Madame Rose Fayeth

Two seekers meet on a voyage across the Atrophane Empire. Their shared path carries them into a rocky relationship. In this final part of my 8-part blog series on fictional friendships, I’ll introduce you to Madame Rose Fayeth and Atarek Veta from The Rys Chronicles.

They appear first in Judgment Rising, the third novel of the series but also a new entry point into the saga for readers who want to jump in. The Empire they live in has recently conquered distant territories and encountered a realm ruled by the magical rys.

Madame Fayeth’s young son is weakened by an incurable disease. Taking the last of her late husband’s fortune she sets out on a voyage with her son and daughter to find the rys and their healing magic. 

Atarek Veta is the heir of a ruined albeit noble house of the Empire. Years ago he lost his brother Dreibrand, whose military record states that he was missing in action in the Wilderness. When Atarek overhears a veteran’s story about what really happened to Dreibrand, he realizes that he must look for his brother.

Atarek chooses to travel under a false name and ends up on the same ship as Madame Fayeth. He gains employment as one of her bodyguards and they continue across the new provinces of the Empire. His drinking and gambling and out-of-control zeppa addiction hardly endear him to Madame Fayeth, but his determination to cross the Wilderness wins her over. Her children also adore him.

Throughout the novel the relationship between Atarek and Madame Fayeth evolves from judgment to sympathy.

Atarek is not a perfect person but for the first time in his life he is pursuing a goal. Madame Fayeth is desperate and finds in Atarek a stubborn ally with a hero’s heart.

Although Atarek and Madame Fayeth are only one element of Judgment Rising, I greatly enjoyed writing their drama. Their scenes and chapters came to me easily. I’m not sure why. I had originally imagined making Atarek less likable and more disappointing, but he won over my hard writer’s heart so I could make him a better person. He had the same effect on Madame Fayeth too.

Enjoy this little excerpt from one of the tougher episodes between Atarek and Madame Fayeth in Judgment Rising.

“Now, I would like to know whose idea it was to have your little holiday last night?” She scanned the men but her eyes hit Atarek more often than the other men.
Atarek was pleased that no one fingered him, and, buoyed by zeppa, he thought he would spare them the interrogation. “Even slaves can get a day off sometimes,” he said.
“Are you saying you started the little insurrection last night, Carl?” Madame Fayeth said.
“Yes. The way you were screaming at your daughter, no one wanted to be next on your list,” he said.
Lydea perked up when she detected a scrap of sympathy.
Although Atarek had ingratiated himself during the trip, Madame Fayeth channeled her disappointment into anger and confronted him. “I remember you promising to stay sober when I hired you,” she said.
Atarek felt a twinge of guilt but did not respond.
“You are fired. You can get off this boat the next time it docks,” Madame Fayeth decided.
He shrugged. “I am going to Jingten whether you pay me or not. So I guess you are stuck with me.”
“Oh, I know how to get rid of you,” she retorted triumphantly. “Grab him!”
The bodyguards hesitated because they liked Atarek. He looked at them with confusion. Madame Fayeth repeated her order and rushed him herself. Caught off guard by her action, Atarek tried to keep her hands off his torso. The bodyguards reacted to the physical confrontation and assisted Madame Fayeth.
As Atarek struggled, Madame Fayeth said, “I will not have some addict distracting my bodyguards from their duties.” She snatched the snuffbox from his vest pocket. His eyes bulged as she lifted the prize and the two bodyguards on his arms had to double their efforts to restrain him.
“You will keep your promise one way or another,” she declared and hurled the snuffbox into the Ramrai.
One watery splook announced the river’s receipt of the silver box. To Atarek, it sounded like the door of a dungeon slamming shut.
“You BITCH!” he thundered and broke loose of the bodyguards.
He lunged at Madame Fayeth but stopped himself before actually laying hands on her. With clenched fists, he ran to the railing of the boat as if he could somehow save his snuffbox from the river. The rippling surface of the water pushed south without any recognition of his loss, and Atarek cursed at the world.

Judgment Rising is an epic fantasy driven by numerous relationships and rivalries. Visit Brave Luck Books to find out more about TheRys Chronicles by Tracy Falbe.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Smashwords Deals September 18th - Browse Coupon Codes for Ebooks

Smashwords Coupons List for September 18, 2013

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Destiny's Kiss   

Misti Wolanski

YA/NA urban fantasy

$4.99 $2.99
40% off with coupon code PU99L

Get it at Smashwords

Destiny's past life is catching up to her, and a friend may pay the price. She can save her friend, but is she willing to start World War III to do it? The sequel, "Know Thy Frienemy", has just been released.   

Love Unfeigned   

Nadine Keels


$2.99 $0.99 
66% off with coupon code BL63Q 

Get it at Smashwords 
What might it take to reunite two companions in love: love undeniably real and unbounded by time? 

The Movement of Crowns   

Nadine Keels


$2.99 $0.99 
66% off with coupon code GD77Q 

Get it at Smashwords
With the kingdom of Diachona on the threshold of war with the Mundaynes, Constance, coming into power under her father the king, deems this an inopportune time to be falling in love with one Commander Alexander.         

The Movement of Rings   

Nadine Keels


$2.99 $0.99 
66% off with coupon code SR59A 

Get it at Smashwords  
Sequel to The Movement of Crowns. With the rise of unrest in Munda, can Naona, an imperial Mundayne servant, believe for a chance at love with a foreign man?      


David S Reynolds 

flash fiction

$2.00 $1.50 
25% off with coupon code EP97S 
9-9-13 through 10-9-13

Get it at Smashwords
A collection of flash fiction stories ranging from telling the future to sci-fi to revenge.           

BBQ Pizza: A Flaming Expose On Macho Cooking   

Gabriella Owens

Cookbooks / Humor

$5.99 $1.99 
66% off with coupon code RN56V 
9/12/2013 until 10/31/2013

Get it at Smashwords 
Take a collection of delicious pizza, dough and sauce recipes. Add some superb wine and beer pairings.  Mix in the ridiculous antics of a pair of Macho cooks.  Fill with practical party advice. Sprinkle with a handful of cartoons. Half bake and serve with a smile.           


Grayson Queen


$0.99 Free 
100% off with coupon code ZZ76R 
2013-09-05 to 2013-10-01

Get it at Smashwords 
A short paranormal horror story.           

Psychic Wisdom on Love & Relationships    

Pamela Cummins


$2.99 $1.50 
50% off with coupon code HN77N 
9/15/13 - 9/25/13

Get it at Smashwords 
This unique eBook packed with wisdom for BIG relationships. Go inside the world of a psychic to see how the spirit world gives knowledge to transform your love life.           

The Ghostly Grammar Boy   

Sandra Thompson   

Teen thriller

$1.99 Free 
100% off with coupon code TU58E 
Start 15th Sept 2013, End 30th September

Get it at Smashwords 

For a dead guy with unfinished business, he was pretty cute. Fiona is a completely ordinary fifteen-year-old from Canberra—at least that’s what she’d like you to think. She doesn’t want anyone to know her secret. She can see and touch ghosts and it’s all thanks to her pesky twin sister, Ella, who happens to be dead. Following the mysterious death of a local school boy, Fiona must investigate.            

Follow Her Ladyship's Quest by email or with RSS and come back for the next Smashwords Deals feature. 

Authors: Send me your coupon codes with the form at the bottom of the Smashwords Deals page.

Happy Reading Everyone. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fantasy Fiction Friendships - Urlen and Demeda - Good Friends and Great Reads Part 7

Follow Her Ladyship's Quest and enjoy my 8-part Good Friends and Great Reads blog series. Every Thursday through September 19th, I'll be sharing insights about powerful relationships between characters from my fantasy series. Join the literary discussion by leaving comments about fictional friends that felt like your friends too.

See also Part 1 Dreibrand and Tytido
Part 2 Dreibrand and Shan 
Part 3 Shan and Taischek 
Part 4 Dreibrand and Faychan 

Part 5 Cruce and Gehr

Part 6 Amar and Urlen

Part 7 Urlen and Demeda

As a writer, I found an interesting challenge in developing a platonic male and female friendship in the Rys Rising fantasy series. The characters Urlen and Demeda had complex motivations behind their friendship. Any romantic tension that existed was not acted upon. Even so, I really enjoyed their interaction and will share now some insight into their relationship in this 7th part of my 8-part blog series on fictional friendships.

When Urlen meets Princess Demeda for the first time she has been kidnapped by the outlaw society he belongs to. The outlaws want to disrupt a treaty marriage between two tribes and sow strife.

Demeda has thrown herself at the outlaw leader Amar because she wants to lose her virginity and become unworthy for marriage. Despite her rebellious behavior, she has little grasp of what deserting her privileged position will mean to the rest of her life.

As Demeda adapts to the outlaw life, Urlen quietly supports her acceptance among the outlaws. Urlen is a scholar and scribe and often feels out of place among his notorious warrior brothers. He enjoys the company of Demeda because her feminine presence is less threatening. She offers him company that does not make him feel physically inadequate.

From Urlen, Demeda gains important guidance as she carves out a new existence for herself. She desires greatly to maintain her position with Amar because she wants access to his prestige. But he is a powerful man and Demeda is not the only woman who has attracted his attention.

In this scene from Savage Storm: Rys Rising Book II Urlen invites Demeda into the outlaws’ inner circle so she can have a second chance at garnering the favor of Amar.

Demeda gripped the hawk amulet around her neck and sternly told herself to be strong. The woman of the dro-shalum must not be reduced to cringing despair over his dalliance with another woman. Demeda knew she had grown accustomed to being the only woman with whom Amar was known to consort, but in a practical sense she had no reason to believe that Amar would be faithful to her. That was ridiculous and Demeda hardened her heart to the fact. She had accepted worse facts about her life, and just because she had not gained Amar’s fidelity did not mean that she must relinquish her ambition to be his woman. Every woman born of a wealthy household knew that she would have to defend her status among several wifely rivals. The outlaw life appeared to be no different in that respect, except that Demeda had more freedom to act in her defense.
“Take me to Amar,” she said.
“He’s with another woman. What could you possibly hope to—”
“All the more reason!” Demeda declared. “Take me to him now.”
Urlen considered her demand carefully. He was unsure what the consequences of denying her would be. Demeda had certainly proven herself resourceful and aggressive. And when Urlen was truly honest with himself, he knew that he wanted Demeda to join the entourage of the Kez Overlord. But Urlen had to manage the situation.
He said, “I will take you to him, but you MUST WAIT.”
Demeda glowered at him, trying to decide how to transform progress into full compliance. Despite the physical pain of her rampaging emotions, she realized that she hardly wanted to see Amar in the arms of another woman. Urlen was right to make her wait.
“How long?” she asked and her tone expressed her grating turmoil.
Urlen was not sure. “Tonight at least,” he said and then offered his company as consolation. “Demeda, I know that I have made you unhappy with this news, and I do not wish to leave you alone with such pain upon your heart. Let me escort you about the Thievesmeet. There are jugglers, acrobats, fire eaters, singing, dancing, everything. If ever there was a place to take your mind from things it is here. Join me and try not to despair. I will help you get to Amar. I promise.”

Throughout the saga Demeda and Urlen are bound by their differences from the outlaws around them. They value each other and rely on their friendship as the trials of the saga intensify. In a world torn by war and ruled by magic, they are neither strong nor fierce, but they eventually exert great influence because of other talents.

Urlen and Demeda are just one pair of characters in the epic Rys Rising series. Enjoy a unique saga told from many angles. Download Rys Rising: Book I for free at Brave Luck Books

Please comment about fictional friendships that had an impact on you. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Smashwords Deals September 11 - Browse Coupon Deals on Ebooks

Smashwords Coupons List for September 11, 2013

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Edge of Dreams 

by Debbie Bennett

Contemporary YA fantasy

$2.99 $1.50
50% off with coupon code JD35E
now - 31st Dec 2013

Get it at Smashwords

What do you do when you realise that the bad guys might care more about you than the good ones? A contemporary YA fantasy, certified 100% vampire-and-werewolf-free. No elves, faeries, dragons or wizards. Not even any zombies. Anywhere.

The Hall of the Wood

by Scott Marlowe

Fantasy (Dark/Traditional)

$3.99 $2.00
50% off with coupon code HN88R

Get it at Smashwords

Jerrick Bur, King's Patroller, receives a chilling warning: the patrollers are dead, the woods, thrown into peril. Along with his newfound allies, Jerrick attempts to unravel the mystery of the missing patrollers and defeat the evil taken hold in the forest.

The Five Elements (The Alchemancer: Book One)   

by Scott Marlowe


$3.99 $2.00   
50% off with coupon code EX36X   

Get it at Smashwords  

Separated when their home is laid waste by an elemental attack, Aaron and Shanna individually learn of the Fifth Element, the mystery of which draws them back together and into a final confrontation not as allies, but as adversaries.   

Natalie Tereshchenko - Lady In Waiting

by Elizabeth Audrey Mills


$2.99 Free   
100% off with coupon code QM38E   
2013-09-08 to 2013-09-20
Get it at Smashwords
Russia, a country shrouded in secrecy, staggering under an oppressive, warmongering ruler. But while the citizens die of cold and starvation, the royal family lives in opulence.   

Includes some scenes of adult content, but sensitively written and entirely appropriate in the context of the larger story. Not pornography.   

Triangulate Your Golf Swing   

by Ron Celano

Sports, golf

$3.99 $2.99   
25% off with coupon code SB35M   
9/6/2013 to 12/31/2013

Get it at Smashwords
Second Edition - Learn the tricks that pros use to make solid hits,  supercharge their mental game and manage the golf course.   

The Torturer's Daughter   

by Zoe Cannon

Young Adult Dystopian

$2.99 $0.99   
66% off with coupon code QP78L   

Get it at Smashwords
Becca has never questioned what she's learned in Citizenship class: dissidents want to tear the country apart, and people like her mother are the only thing keeping them at bay. Until her mother executes Becca's best friend's parents as dissidents, and Becca learns a secret that changes everything...    

Ashes to Ashes   

by Vanessa Finaughty   


$3.99 $2.99   
25% off with coupon code YK54P   
09.09.2013 to 09.10.2013 

Get it at Smashwords
When Mathieu Cousteau dies, twenty-seven-year-old Michelle van Wyk is relieved that the man intimidating her can no longer make good on his threats. Her relief is short-lived, however – Mathieu’s soul lives on, and is hell bent on avenging his murder. Michelle’s situation grows direr when Mathieu’s handsome brother, Pierre Dumaine, becomes obsessed with her, and drags her into his world of warped love, murder and treachery, where things aren’t always what they seem.   

The Antpod Faction

by Alex James


$4.99 $3.74   
25% off with coupon code XB34L   
19th June 2013 - 31st December 2014
Get it at Smashwords 

Mase is an eccentric young female antpod who lives in her own apartment. Isolated, confused, and detached from her kind, she decides to seek a new purpose in antpod society. But after a wave of terrorist strikes, she suddenly finds herself a target of powerful political organisations and entities. She soon realises that she is no ordinary antpod.    

At What Price?   

by Richard L. Foland Jr.

Fiction/Science Fiction/Short Stories

$1.49 Free   
100% off with coupon code UL32P   
8/31/13 - 9/29/13   

Get it at Smashwords
In 2012 Alexander Vernick killed his fiance after someone proved she was stealing from him. He managed to get off but has spent part of a decade looking for the person who ratted on him and he's found him and can take revenge. But at what price? Parental discretion advised.    

Normally, priced at $1.49 but reduced to 99¢ for the month of September. Coupon makes it free regardless.

The Broken World Book Two - StarSword

by TC Southwell 


$3.99 $2.00 

25% off with coupon code BA59B 
11 September 2013 to 30 September 2013

Get it at Smashwords

Fate has changed for a chosen few, who set off across the Wilden Sea in a stone ship that Chanter created, heading for the Plains of Redemption to escape the Black Riders. When they reach the western continent, however, they find themselves in a land gone mad.  
Murderous Decisions

by Anna Drake 


$2.99 $0.99 
66% off with coupon code GB38G 
Sept. 11, to Oct. 11

Get it at Smashwords

An unexpected windfall and a murdered man send wife and mother, Victoria Cross careening into a world where she's an outsider.           

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Authors: Send me your coupon codes with the form at the bottom of the Smashwords Deals page.

Happy Reading Everyone. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fantasy and Sci Fi Readers Binge on Free Ebooks

Free Book Binge Week – FREE BOOKS!

Today, I’m pleased to bring you 10 permanently free science fiction and fantasy books. Don’t forget to leave the author a review on his/her download page if you enjoy the read!

When Queen Tassin is forced to flee her kingdom on the backwater planet of Omega V, she has no idea that the strange warrior who helps her is a cyborg; the deadliest hi-tech killing machine ever created. Her world has forgotten the technology that almost destroyed it, but then a freak accident damages the micro-supercomputer that controls Sabre, and he is free to take charge of his destiny…

Download this fantasy novel from Smashwords.


They say the time will come for the darkened sky to violate our Earth with her tears of blood. The legend foretells of a blood-thirsty race being born from these tears; Mother Nature’s punishment for our evil deeds. They say that day will come when mankind’s thirst for the blood of his own consumes him. They say that day is near.

...Love and other man-made disasters... A woman looking for a new life gets trapped in a commuter tube, and manages to find love and herself in the aftermath of the disaster.

When Tammy Miller is forced to live in Ashville Manor, she quickly learns that nothing is quite as it seems.
The life she had once lived seemed like a distant memory. She still missed the book shop, she wondered if there was a chance she could go back to work, like she would even tell anyone about Dante, after all she would be exposing her Grandmother's secret too if she was to tell anyone. Tammy shook her head, she wouldn't tell anyone anyway. She was devoted to Dante and would never think of hurting him or his family. 

This is the epic tale of Kirin of House Dar’Shiel, the elfish daughter of an exiled priestess who must travel to the elfish high city to serve the goddess Alorana. Upon her journey she must learn what it is to be a Namari. This goddess-given gift of foresight makes her an invaluable commodity in a war between two elfin goddesses, one of whom will have her death, or her service. Her path crosses that of an injured harpy, a creature thought to exist only in myth, who is upon a quest save her tribe from extinction. Together, they must find a way to thwart a dark goddess and save their homeland from destruction.

Lucy van Dusen has a problem… and it’s not Georgi and Elsie, her beloved over-zealous lesbian friends who are preparing for Pride Week celebrations. It’s the summer equinox, a time when the moon is irresistibly powerful, even two nights before the full moon. Tonight might be a night of unspeakable terror. To prevent the horror, Lucy confines herself to her flat, but will standard locks and bolts keep the world safe from the werebian deep inside her, lusting for release?

When a young peasant girl is injured while hunting, she meets a strange, magical man who is a member of a despised race – Mujar. Truemen scorn the shape-shifting unmen for their odd, humble ways, and envy their power over the elements. Now a scourge is sweeping the land, armies of mounted warriors who cannot be defeated are wiping out Truemankind without mercy.

Victor Mansfield, king of Dalmar, has infiltrated the occupied castle of Argonna in order to free the Queen of Argonna, Fiora Durassil, from imprisonment by the D'rolock Empire. At first everything goes according to plan, but soon his plan begins to unravel in this thrilling story by Timothy Wilson.

The Clements Academy was established, somewhere around the year
2045, to train the best and brightest orphans from around the world
into the perfect agents. Weapons training, martial arts training, and
small unit tactics are just a taste of the curriculum for Clements
students. Mark Eblin is one graduate who's never been amazing...and
now he's been had.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Introducing Smashwords Deals - Your Place to Promote Indie Ebooks

Have you ever created a coupon discount for one of your titles at Smashwords and then wondered how to communicate your sale to the reading public? Most ebook sites are all about deals at Amazon's Kindle store so I have created a tiny alternative place to mention Smashwords deals.

You can tweet your coupon code, email your list, put it on Facebook, but you’re really just marketing to people who might have already bought your book.

Now you can tell me about your Smashwords coupon code and I’ll post it here at Her Ladyship’s Quest. It won’t have a life changing effect but I’m developing a weekly feature to entice readers with a variety of ebooks at sale prices.

Hopefully this will encourage people to subscribe to my blog and help readers discover the many reading pleasures available at Smashwords.

Although I hate gimmicks marketing with sales is a proven method for triggering impulse buys. At a minimum it gives you a reason to mention your book.

And after you’ve tossed your coupon code into the spammy stew of social media you can tell me and I’ll mention it too. 

As a Smashwords author since late 2009, I’ve come to appreciate the publishing and distribution system offered by the company. It has brought me exposure and success for my novels that I would not have been able to achieve without that platform.

Over the years I’ve also come to like its retail ebook store. If an ebook I want is available at Smashwords it’s my preferred place to buy.


- No digital rights management. The files I buy are mine to use. I can save them. I can put them on different devices. I can lose them and go back and download them again.

- Multiple formats. I’m not locked into a specific format. If I want to put something on a Nook, Kindle, Sony, PC, etc. I can pick the appropriate format.

- I also like its international reach. It services shoppers from numerous countries. Mainstream ebook retailers do not necessarily work for every country.

Because I’ve become happy with the Smashwords store as a customer I feel comfortable promoting it as a place for people to buy ebooks from indie authors and small publishers. 

How to Submit Your Smashwords Coupon Promotion

1. Please fill out the form at the Smashwords Deals page to tell me about your sale. Once things get rolling I’ll update the deals on the page weekly and also create a post with your book and links that will become immortal within the blog archives and the vast universe of the internet.   

2. Please follow Her Ladyship's Quest so you can begin sharing the posts about Smashwords Deals as they become available. The more exposure I get for the page, the more people will learn about it and come back searching for deals. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Manuscript for Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale is Complete

On Tuesday September 3rd I finished writing my 9th novel. Its title is Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale.

I had set the goal of writing this novel within a year. The task took me 10 months, and I'm rather astonished with myself. Of course there is a lot of editing and work to be done before I let other people read it. I never let anyone look at my work until I deem it ready for consumption.

Speaking of editing I have a lot of chainsaw work to do on this manuscript. My original goal was to write a novel in the 80,000 to 100,000 word range. Right now Werelord Thal is 183,000 words. I overshot my goal by 83,000 words.

To be honest, I have always written big novels. My other 8 novels are all in the 150,000 to 210,000 word range, but I had hoped to produce something leaner. Yes, I write big complicated stories, but I am devoted to tackling my proclivity for wordiness. I love words and always want to play with them, but choosing the best words needs to be the game. 

Although I avoid cliches I hereby pledge to trim the fat. I honestly have a copy of Strunk and White's classic The Elements of Style that is (a very small) bible that decrees brevity is next to godliness. This little book is either loved or hated by writers. I'm a lover because I need its advice.

With Werelord Thal I expect to cut wordiness more than deleting scenes. I'm looking forward to making this novel a clean and zippy read. I've set the goal of getting at least 30,000 words out of it. I've done this before, and I'm very determined to do a good job of it.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fantasy Fiction Friendships - Amar and Urlen - Good Friends and Great Reads Part 6

Follow Her Ladyship's Quest and enjoy my 8-part Good Friends and Great Reads blog series. Every Thursday through September 19th, I'll be sharing insights about powerful relationships between characters from my fantasy series. Join the literary discussion by leaving comments about fictional friends that felt like your friends too. And feel free to use the Good Friends and Great Reads blog prompt at your blog. We can never talk about books too much. 

See also Part 1 Dreibrand and Tytido
Part 2 Dreibrand and Shan 
Part 3 Shan and Taischek 
Part 4 Dreibrand and Faychan 

Part 5 Cruce and Gehr

Part 6 Amar and Urlen

Sometimes a whole really is more than the sum of its parts. Friendships are a good example of this phenomenon. In this 6th part of my 8-part blog series on fictional friendships, I’ll explain how the characters Amar and Urlen from the Rys Rising saga benefitted from their complementary talents. 

After being saved from death by the mysterious rys female Onja, Amar is set adrift to prove himself in a world of outlaws. His hope is that he will become worthy of Onja’s magic and be uplifted by her power. Until then, he must earn the acceptance and trust of a notorious outlaw gang called the Kez.

Condemned to die a slow painful death of exposure, Urlen is rescued when Amar stumbles upon him. Although deeply grateful, Urlen sees little way to survive among outlaws. Until a terrible scandal, Urlen had been a prestigious scholar and scribe to a tribal king. He lacks the raw physical power and violent determination of Amar. Urlen assumes the outlaws will see him as a weakling, but Amar has the intelligence to see the value in Urlen.

The disgraced scholar can read and write in several languages. He also knows how elite society works. Most importantly if he does not know something, he knows how to find out. 

In this excerpt from Rys Rising, a demoralized Urlen accepts an offer of friendship from Amar. This relationship will make history in the tribal kingdoms.

While Urlen rested against his horse, Amar filled his canteen from the creek and brought a drink to Urlen.
“Did you learn anything from the scrolls?” Amar inquired.
Urlen took a deep breath and wiped his forehead. He asked Amar if he knew much of warfare. Sorrow answered silently upon Amar’s young face. The light left Amar’s eyes as he looked back upon ugly images.
Quietly, Amar said, “I was taught to fight. I have killed. I am a warrior.”
“Yes, of course, but do you know of armies?” Urlen said. “That is what Kali Bu wrote of. Armies. How to make one and what to do with it. Or at least it was his ideas about the matter.”
Amar glanced discreetly toward the Kez. The three men were spread out along the creek watering the horses. Amar lowered his voice and changed the subject. “Urlen, we will soon reach the camp of Lax Ar Fu, and I have need of a friend. I would have it be you.”
Gripped by failure, shame, and grief, Urlen no longer saw value in himself. “What do you see in a weakling like me? You will be a Kez, and I will be a servant, at best.”
“If I have your friendship, you will be a Kez as well,” Amar said.
The concept stunned Urlen. For him to join the notorious servants of Vu was ridiculous, but it was easy to give his friendship to Amar.
“I am forever in your debt, Amar. Your friend no matter what. Truly I swear it by any God that you believe,” Urlen said.
“I have no God,” Amar said flippantly. “But I have a friend now.” He smiled dreamily and Urlen could not guess what was on the mind of his friend.
Self conscious of his weakness, Urlen said that he was able to continue although Amar had to boost him back into the saddle. Urlen hoped that he could rest soon. To have some peace in which to let his hard unhappiness mellow into scars instead of fresh wounds was all that he craved.

As the Rys Rising series progresses, Urlen’s expertise serves as an administrative foundation to the power that Amar eventually gains over the outlaws and the rest of society. Urlen can make the fruits of war become the rootstock of a new ruling order.

To enjoy an elaborate epic driven by intertwining stories, download Rys Rising: Book I for free.