Saturday, September 7, 2013

Introducing Smashwords Deals - Your Place to Promote Indie Ebooks

Have you ever created a coupon discount for one of your titles at Smashwords and then wondered how to communicate your sale to the reading public? Most ebook sites are all about deals at Amazon's Kindle store so I have created a tiny alternative place to mention Smashwords deals.

You can tweet your coupon code, email your list, put it on Facebook, but you’re really just marketing to people who might have already bought your book.

Now you can tell me about your Smashwords coupon code and I’ll post it here at Her Ladyship’s Quest. It won’t have a life changing effect but I’m developing a weekly feature to entice readers with a variety of ebooks at sale prices.

Hopefully this will encourage people to subscribe to my blog and help readers discover the many reading pleasures available at Smashwords.

Although I hate gimmicks marketing with sales is a proven method for triggering impulse buys. At a minimum it gives you a reason to mention your book.

And after you’ve tossed your coupon code into the spammy stew of social media you can tell me and I’ll mention it too. 

As a Smashwords author since late 2009, I’ve come to appreciate the publishing and distribution system offered by the company. It has brought me exposure and success for my novels that I would not have been able to achieve without that platform.

Over the years I’ve also come to like its retail ebook store. If an ebook I want is available at Smashwords it’s my preferred place to buy.


- No digital rights management. The files I buy are mine to use. I can save them. I can put them on different devices. I can lose them and go back and download them again.

- Multiple formats. I’m not locked into a specific format. If I want to put something on a Nook, Kindle, Sony, PC, etc. I can pick the appropriate format.

- I also like its international reach. It services shoppers from numerous countries. Mainstream ebook retailers do not necessarily work for every country.

Because I’ve become happy with the Smashwords store as a customer I feel comfortable promoting it as a place for people to buy ebooks from indie authors and small publishers. 

How to Submit Your Smashwords Coupon Promotion

1. Please fill out the form at the Smashwords Deals page to tell me about your sale. Once things get rolling I’ll update the deals on the page weekly and also create a post with your book and links that will become immortal within the blog archives and the vast universe of the internet.   

2. Please follow Her Ladyship's Quest so you can begin sharing the posts about Smashwords Deals as they become available. The more exposure I get for the page, the more people will learn about it and come back searching for deals.