Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Time to Proofread on Paper

There it is: The printed manuscript of Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale

After completing its major edit I now move onto a paper and pen proofreading. It's important to include a good old fashioned eyes on paper proofreading when I prepare a manuscript for publication. Everyone knows that mistakes are easier to miss on screen than on paper, so I always do this step. My condolences to the trees that died to provide this 621-page chunk of fiber. There are so many pages because it's printed double spaced in 12 point font. This gives lots of room around each word and aids in the detection of problems. The extra space also makes it easy to add correction symbols and notes.

I'll be spending the next week of my life immersed in the fine details of this story. And soon it will become a new novel!

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In case you're wondering if proofreading a 621-page document is a shit-ton of work, yes it is.