Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chapter List from New Werewolf Novel

I put a lot of thought into the titles for the chapters of my novels. Often I lift a little phrase from the chapter that captures its meaning. Other times I construct a little phrase to label the chapter. To pique your interest in my new novel Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale I am sharing the list of chapters below. The novel is scheduled for release to retailers on November 13th. Currently it is available as an ebook at my Brave Luck Books web store at a pre-release special price of $2.50.

Chapter 1. Water and Blood
Chapter 2. Humanity
Chapter 3. Mother Shadow
Chapter 4. Fire in the Night
Chapter 5. Much Devilry Afoot
Chapter 6. From the Forest
Chapter 7. Wheel of Fortune
Chapter 8. True Nature
Chapter 9. A Fearsome Sign
Chapter 10. Protector of the Weak
Chapter 11. Another Like Him
Chapter 12. The Ferryman
Chapter 13. Soul Shadow of Man
Chapter 14. The Castle of Lord Patercek
Chapter 15. Talk of Monsters
Chapter 16. The Devil Instead
Chapter 17. The Thirteenth Witch
Chapter 18. The Great Question
Chapter 19. Voice to His Grief
Chapter 20. Bound by Loss
Chapter 21. Kill Without Sin
Chapter 22. Blood Scent
Chapter 23. An Unmapped Kingdom
Chapter 24. Holy Guidance
Chapter 25. Irresistible Gateway
Chapter 26. A Helping Hand
Chapter 27. Twice Cursed
Chapter 28. Forgotten Secrets
Chapter 29. An Excellent Recommendation
Chapter 30. Trust
Chapter 31. The Invitation
Chapter 32. Live In Fear
Chapter 33. No Rules or Light of Day
Chapter 34. A Rendezvous Observed
Chapter 35. Not Really a Thief
Chapter 36. Altea, I Love You…
Chapter 37. Thal’s Merry Little Retinue
Chapter 38. Sacrifice
Chapter 39. A Cross to Bear
Chapter 40. Yield or Die
Chapter 41. No Solace
Chapter 42. Ten Little Points
Chapter 43. The Side of the Law
Chapter 44. Hunted
Chapter 45. Deserved and Undeserved
Chapter 46. Hunter and Healer
Chapter 47. He Bids Thee Come
Chapter 48. Three More Fugitives
Chapter 49. The Joyous Place

To read this werewolf novel right now, get the ebook before the 11/13/13 release for $2.50