Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Smashwords Deals October 16th Ebooks Available Worldwide

Smashwords Deals for the week of October 16th

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The Vessel

Michael Alexander

Epic Fantasy

Only $1.99 No coupon needed

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On the happiest day of her life, Xela's world falls apart thanks to the actions of her brother Fael. Her fiance and father are dead and now she only harbors vengeance in her heart. But in her quest to exact revenge for her lost loved ones, she will be ensnared into a plot that threatens to resurrect an Old God and cast the world into darkness.

Stephanie Williams


Only $3.99 No coupon needed

Sean, Patrick and Sandra are the Three Musketeers. They do everything together including working at a successful gym called Boot Camp. But Sean and Patrick want more. Can three weeks in a remote mountain cabin lead to unconventional love or will their friendship be ruined forever?  

Matt D. Williams

Sci Fi Space Opera

Only $1.99 No Coupon needed

Jak is a pilot who would rather kick back with a cold drink than stick his neck out to save the galaxy. But, as we all know, life often gets in the way of these ‘big dreams.’ In the spirit of space operas of old, comes a light hearted, action packed novel following the exploits of the best low quality pirate in the galaxy - Jak Phoenix.

RH Peppers

African American

FREE! No coupon needed

From the journals of Sampson Peppers, Jr. comes a crime novel that show the inner workings of a successful criminal empire and the pursuit of a special agent of the FBI, Michael Jones, first hand perspective of cornering Sampson Peppers, Jr. by way of involving one of the kingpin's best childhood friends. Two to Tangle is fast paced and intriguing and first installment of an ongoing crime series.  

Sierra Rose

Science Fiction

Only $0.99 No coupon needed

An Irish based paranormal/romantic suspense novel. Roarke Fitzgerald & his brothers must reunite after 15 years apart to start to complete the prophecy that will defeat the very evil that killed their parents & tore them apart but it will also mean Roarke must face his past or risk losing not only his family, but also his future & the woman he loves.

Some more Erotica
All In: 25 Erotic Stories by Emily Cantore. $5.99 from
25 erotic short stories from the hot and bothered mind of Emily Cantore! To buy individually would cost a bundle! More than 130,000 words of first-time lesbians, threesomes, girls experimenting, sex toys and much more. Guaranteed to warm you up and get your mind racing!

Military Sci Fi

The Dragons of Jupiter by Jacob Holo. $2.99 from
The worst enemy in war is family. Brothers Kaneda and Ryu Kusanagi must face each other in a battle that will shake the great powers of the solar system and force both men to question what they believe in.

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