Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Smashwords Deals October 2nd - Browse Coupons for Ebooks

Smashwords Coupons List for October 2nd, 2013

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The Circle of Wounded Souls   

Jim Ricca   

Fiction-Action and Romance

$0.99 free   
100% off with coupon ZY58V   
Now thru 10/25
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"The Circle of Wounded Souls, book one is the first of four paperback books in the Wounded Souls series. This epic saga is about three young adults, suffering deep emotional scars inflicted by years of physical abuse, emotional neglect, rape, and isolation, who meet and begin a journey of healing through unconditional love, incredible miracles, and acts of heroism and devotion."      

The Alien's Reward II, The Alliance   

Jim Ricca 

Fiction- Science Fiction, Action , Adventure 

$1.99 FREE   
100% off with coupon TZ74J   
Now until 10/28/13

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After the earth's population is almost completely wiped out, the planet is resettled by alien races who join with earth's human survivors to defend their new home against attackers from all over the galaxy.        

This is Book 2 of the series The Alien's Reward.     

Human Circle   

Nickie Cochran 


Free 100% off, Permafree, no coupon needed  

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"Pete, an anthropologist whose specialty is debunking sightings of mythical creatures, doesn't believe in fairies. When a beautiful woman, claiming to be a fairy princess on the run from her power-hungry fiancĂ©, literally falls into his arms just outside of a fairy circle in Ireland, he begins to question his beliefs. Against his better judgment, he agrees to help her. He shouldn’t have."

I just marked this title permafree. This novelette is the bonus prequel of the Do You Spook German? series. 

The Wake of the Dragon

Jaq D Hawkins   

A Steampunk Adventure   
Adventure Comedy

$3.99 $2.39   
40% off with coupon YV72C   
Oct 1-13 2013

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James Dudley dreams of adventure, but no amount of secret fantasy will drag him from the security of a steady job as Mr Wyatt's clerk. That is until Mr Wyatt sends him on a clandestine assignment that will take him to the opium capitol of the country and onboard ship with airship pirates.        

The Peers of Beinan: The Great Succession Crisis -- Extended Edition

Laurel A. Rockefeller   

Historical romance

$2.99 $1.50   
49% off with coupon LY23J   
2013-04-30 to 2016-01-01

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Medieval coming-of-age story about a princess who must learn to embrace her heritage -- and love -- before it is too late. Includes background historical research papers and a recipe for a Beinarian dessert.        

The Peers of Beinan: The Ghosts of the Past    

Historical Mystery

Laurel A. Rockefeller   

$3.99 $1.50  
62% off with coupon VF28X   
2013-03-27 to 2015-06-30

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After losing both his healer parents to terrorism, it falls to Lord Knight Elendir to solve the mystery behind the bombings before all hope is lost for Beinan.

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