Friday, November 29, 2013

Feeling Warm and Fuzzy from Two New 5-Star Reviews for Rys Rising

Thank you to the reader in the UK who recently left this nice 5-star review for Rys Rising: Book I in the UK Kindle store. It is very fulfilling to know that people out there in the world genuinely enjoy my novels. My tender ego and long labors are rewarded by each one of these kind comments that trickle in year after year. I realize not every person will get that "great read" experience from my stories, but knowing that it can happen truly helps me keep believing in myself.

And when I stopped in the Barnes & Noble site today I noticed that Rys Rising had gotten a new review. The 5-star rating included the statement, "I recommend that if you read fantasy, this book is a must." I've been telling people this for years! Thank you for agreeing with me. 

Rys Rising: Book I is available in both the Kindle and Nook stores. 

The ebook is $2.99 at the retail outlets, but if you'd like to do business with me directly you can download Rys Rising for free at Brave Luck Books