Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Paranormal Romance Explained by the Divas on Genre

Today I present an interesting article that defines the paranormal romance genre. As an epic fantasy author who just published her first paranormal novel Werelord Thal, I can say that I found both genres very similar. I think the main difference was in labeling the supernatural creatures.

I especially liked this article because it had some nice demographic information about the paranormal romance audience and the author Lauren Schmelz referred to the indie market as a "grander scale of publishing."

Divas On Genre: Paranormal/Supernatural Romance (via http://writedivas.com)

Divas On Genre: Paranormal/Supernatural What is the paranormal genre to you? To me it involves anything to do with non-human beings or characters who have non-human like abilities such as telekinesis and other powers usually within a single person or…