Monday, December 16, 2013

Ebooks Are a Last Minute Gift Solution - Use These Smashwords Coupons to Finish Shopping

Sending someone an ebook gift is an affordable solution for last minute gifts when you don’t have time to ship a physical book.

If you know a friend or relative who might appreciate my fiction, I recommend Smashwords for ebook gifting because:

- It has a built in ebook gift system
- It delivers ebooks internationally
- It provides multiple formats, so the recipient can choose his or her correct format.

These features make it safe to send an ebook gift even if you don’t know what type of device your friend reads ebooks on. And there won’t be any geographical restrictions or issues with encrypted content. Smashwords does not have these barriers at its retail site.

And the best part is…

I can give you Smashwords coupon codes for 20% off my titles.

IMPORTANT: At checkout copy and paste the coupon code next to the title you want on the list below to gain your discount. Then checkout and send the ebook gift. Smashwords explains ebook gifts here

Coupons expire December 31st.

Judgment Rising  SA39K
Rys Rising  WT28M
Savage Storm  BH24M
New Religion  CP42R
Love Lost  UP66P

To use Smashwords for gifting, sign up for an account if you need to, select the title, click the button “give as a gift”, and then enter the applicable coupon code at checkout. After paying everything will be on its way.

If you happen to know the device your friend reads on like a Kindle or Nook, you can also give any of my titles as gifts from those stores too. Just visit my product pages and choose buy as gift and go from there. Just be aware I can’t create any coupons for those stores.