Saturday, December 21, 2013

Third Novel of Unlife Legend Series to be Free on Kindle Week of Christmas

I just found this news release about emerging fantasy author Jason J. Bilicic. His fantasy series that comments "on mankind's vanity and the impact of misused power in religion" sounds like my kind of fiction. I'm inspired by similar themes in my writing because the power religion can exert on societies always boggles my mind. The third novel in the Unlife Legend series The Visions of Men will be free on Kindle on Christmas day through December 29th.

Unlife Legend: Cult Series, Hailed as 'Best Battle & Magic in Fantasy', Announces Eagerly-Awaited Third Volume (via SBWire)
Written by Jason J Bilicic, the first two books in the ‘Unlife Legend’ have not only become cult classics around the world, but celebrated by many as the most cutting fantasy series ever written. With a dedicated fan base demanding more, the author…